HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker Surpasses Two Million Downloads; Ranks #1 In Medical Apps For March

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HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker Surpasses Two Million Downloads; Ranks #1 In Medical Apps For March

The HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker app has reached a new milestone. On Thursday, the company announced that its COVID-19 market-leading health app surpassed 2 million downloads since its launch roughly four weeks ago. The app is an interactive tool developed to help track the spread of COVID-19 with its patient and user engagement platform. In addition, it has become a go-to health care and services platform that provides critical and timely information based on WHO verified statistics.

Since February, the COVID-19 tracker application has been available for IOS mobile devices, followed by the Android version launching on March 5, 2020. The mobile app provides updated information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) on confirmed cases and deaths worldwide. Furthermore, the application allows users to report how they are feeling and if they are having any symptoms consistent with the COVID-19 infection. 

The innovative app has also integrated a tool that includes a detailed global map tracking the virus, the latest twitter feeds, and a real-time chat for users to engage with people from around the world to share information. The real-time chat function has specific rooms monitored by healthcare professionals that are dedicated to countries from around the world, so users can communicate in their own language. According to the company’s most recent presser, the chat feature has over 100,000 actively engaged users from around the world. Since releasing the app, there have been over 2 million user downloads.

The application updates data from the CDC (center for disease control) and WHO (world health organization) every 30 minutes and displays this for every country around the world. The HealthLynked team also updates cases at the county level for the US twice a day reporting confirmed cases, deaths and recovered cases. The current breakdown of user demographics indicate that roughly 843,000 users are in the USA and Canada, 710,000 are in Europe, 243,000 in the Asia Pacific, and approximately 137,889 reside in Africa, India, and Latin America.

In addition, news feeds also provide the latest updates to users and guidelines on how to prevent COVID-19 infection risk for pregnant women, concerns for pets and transmission, and a directory for each state’s health department’s contact information.

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Unique App Integrates Real-Time Chat Function and Patient Services

Considered by many as an extremely important and useful tool is that the application allows users to chat in real time with people from around the world. This interaction is critical to the ongoing sharing of information about their area and important updates. Information released on Thursday noted that the chat feature has over 100,000 active users and continues to grow. Registered users can upgrade their chat avatars and access member chat rooms not available to other users.

Users and patients are provided an additional benefit. With social distancing being a key practice to preventing the spread of COVID-19, most medical office have adjusted their practices to keep patients separated while they are checking in to avoid exposure. The HealthLynked PAH technology addresses this situation head-on by being uniquely designed to allow patients to check via their smart phone thus avoiding exposure at front desk areas. It also limits contact with high traffic surfaces and other devices. It’s convenient too, allowing patients the ability to check in from their cars in the parking area and be alerted via text message when they doctor is ready to see them. This option boosts patient safety and eliminates any wait time in high exposure areas.

Commenting on the download milestone, Dr. Michael Dent, CEO, said, “I am proud of our development team and how rapidly they responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. The HealthLynked Covid-19 tracker has been the number one most downloaded app in the apple medical store for past month, a testament to our design and connectivity we offer.”

Our PAH technology is key to keeping patients save and reduce exposure at point of care medical office.” Dr Dent added, “We are working with our members to connect them to their healthcare providers, coordinate their medical care and connect them to the larger HealthLynked Network.”

The HealthLynked App Drives Convenience and Profits

The COVID-19 Tracker is only one tool offered by HealthLynked. The company’s flagship HealthLynked medical-data transfer and sharing app offers an appreciable number of patient and physician based tools.

As patient treatment becomes more specialized, data sharing in the healthcare industry is a definite necessity. And, with patients often seeing multiple physicians for particular health issues, the need for a seamless method of communication becomes vital. On this issue, several things are important to note:

  • Healthcare is highly specialized – and keeping healthcare records updated among multiple providers is a challenge. To optimize care, medical information needs to be integrated and up to date among all the healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care.

  • Prescription medications can lead to complex and unfortunate drug interactions if providers are not fully aware of all the medications a patient is taking.

  • Medical mistakes are most often the result of incomplete information in the medical record or the provider not having the most up-to-date information.

And, as essential and remedial as medical record sharing may sound, still, 30% of physician practices in the US do not use an electronic health record system. Moreover, there are over 1,000 different electronic health records systems in the US, and connectivity among these systems often does not exist. Now, when utilizing the HealthLynked Network, patients and doctors can have a common platform where sharing medical records and related data is quick and easy.

With an experienced management team and a growing revenue base, the HealthLynked Global Network is projected to grow by thousands of physicians and millions of patients by the end of 2020. As well, the company has plans to up-list to NASDAQ by late 2020. Further, the Company recently announced it signed a definitive agreement to acquire its first Accountable Care Organization (ACO) to complement its existing Network.

Already, the HealthLynked Global Network has proven that it can be a proven resource of information and communication in a global pandemic, and revolutionize the economics and efficiencies of the healthcare industry. By offering a modern, accessible, and cost-effective system, better health can become an attainable reality for individual patients and, by extension, the population at large.

Now, as more people around the globe get introduced to the power of the HealthLynked platform through its timely and critical COVID-19 updates, the growth potential of the company’s core platform has never looked better.

Importantly, HealthLynked has demonstrated a unique ability to quickly develop tools that have a real-time application, global influence, and integrated communication functions that differentiate the company from competitors. That, too, makes HealthLynked not only an important company to its patient user base, but also makes the company attractive from a valuation perspective, as well.

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