A Cutting-Edge Service to Reduce Corona Healthcare Costs: Information Therapy

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A Cutting-Edge Service to Reduce Corona Healthcare Costs: Information Therapy

A Cutting-Edge Service to Reduce Corona Healthcare Costs: Information Therapy

Premium Doctors Group president
Information Therapy is the latest tool that can reportedly cut down healthcare costs for corona patients and provide them with educational resources. Premium Doctors group is now one of the very first facilities to provide Information Therapy.

Canada – Information Therapy, while not known on a large scale, is an innovative new tool that aims to help patients in more ways than one. Prescription based Information Therapy uses web-based or mobile-based channels to provide highly calibrated healthcare information to corona patients. By having educational healthcare resources available at all times, patients can stay on top of everything and make informed decisions even when a physician is not readily available.

Information Therapy for corona patients is stated to boast many benefits but some of its preliminary benefits include: disease management, lifestyle change, disease prevention, effective decision making and much more. While patients can quickly read a health article online, the information might not always be bona fide. With an Information Therapy prescription, patients can attain evidence-based information related to their condition.

By having valuable information at their disposal mask, patients can initiate targeted and timely health management. Due to Information Therapy, many obstacles that patients faced in the past will now be deemed redundant. Information Therapy can also garner better results because the information provided is prescription-based, which makes it necessary for patients to follow the advice, who might otherwise neglect a physician’s guidance.

One of the very first medical group providing Information Therapy is the Premium Doctors group in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Reza Ghalamghash, Chief Research Officer of Premium Doctors Group made a statement for the press regarding the therapy “Here at Premium Doctors group, our highly qualified and trained physicians have been independently serving the Toronto community with passion. We always strive to introduce the most effective and latest services and Information Therapy is something that has the potential to change the healthcare and health education realm. Drawing its basic principles from Cognition Therapy, Information Therapy can improve the human cognition by creating a balance in the Neuro transmitters. This can help patients see faster results, with less clinic visits.”

He also stated “Our physicians will curate the best and most useful information from evidence based resources and provide it to patients as per their needs. The information provided will aid them in many ways and ultimately help them achieve optimum wellness.”

The Premium Doctors group official website can be seen at https://www.premiumdoctors.ca  

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