Jewelry Lovers Need a Pair of Leverback Earrings

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Jewelry Lovers Need a Pair of Leverback Earrings

Jewelry Lovers Need a Pair of Leverback Earrings

For all the jewelry lovers out there, it’s clear that not all earrings are created equal. In fact, the style, design, and closure of the earring matter greatly for many reasons. When it comes to closures, leverback earrings are the superior design. They offer style, comfort, and the best level of security possible, eliminating the chance of losing an earring.

Over 50 Years of Style, Passion, and Artistry

When it comes to finding exceptional quality pieces, look no further than the Museum of Jewelry. For 56 years, they’ve provided extraordinary pieces of jewelry handcrafted by master artisans. All their pieces are based on a historical or historically inspired design, making them truly distinctive. The patience, craftsmanship, passion, and sheer love that goes into the artisan’s work are evident in every piece they sell. Head to to learn more and check out their unique collections of historically inspired pieces.

Benefits of Leverback Earrings

For those who don’t have a pair of leverback earrings already, there are several reasons why that style of closure is the better option. Buying a gorgeous pair of earrings is an investment—and there’s no better way to ruin that investment than by purchasing a pair with the wrong hooks and clasps that can make wearing them highly uncomfortable or even risk losing them. For some genuinely beautiful leverback designs, head to to browse their exceptional collection of earrings and other historically inspired pieces for jewelry lovers of all kinds. Still wondering why leverback earrings are so much better? Here are the three main benefits of wearing this closure style of earrings.

1. Comfort

Hook earrings hang with the pointy back poking right at the side of the neck, which can cause pain or red marks. Their sharp ends can be harsh and irritating. Leverback earrings are much better because they close entirely, with no sharp points poking out. They offer superior comfort, no matter whether a person is lying down, brushing their hair, walking, or any other activity.

2. Security

Leverback closure earrings are made for pierced ears and work by having a curved wire loop that snaps against the post securely. The enclosure loop bends upwards for easy insertion and then shuts into place for a 100% secure closure design. The traditional hook style of earrings can come loose or fall out easily, and nobody wants to deal with those obnoxiously tiny end pieces, which get lost and are impossible to put on.

3. Stylish

Style and design are perhaps the most significant considerations when purchasing a pair of earrings. Jewelry offers a way to present not only fashion preferences but personality, as well. Leverback closure earrings are most commonly found on gemstone, drop, or hoop style earrings and will stay safe and secure even when running or getting dressed. Not only are they stylish, but they work perfectly with any outfit: jeans, a suit, even a formal gown.

Leverback Earrings: Elegance, Stylishness, and Security

Everyone who considers themselves a jewelry lover should own a pair of leverback earrings. They’re available in virtually endless styles and designs, from beautiful gemstone drop earrings to chic and elegant hoops. Leverback earrings also offer excellent security, as their closure snaps shut and stays that way, so there’s no risk of the earring falling off or getting lost. They’re the perfect combination of function, fashion, and comfort, making it the best way to secure an investment in a gorgeous pair of earrings.

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