Anthony D. Shannon Elevating Professionals Through Top-level Leadership Development

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Anthony D. Shannon Elevating Professionals Through Top-level Leadership Development

Anthony D. Shannon Elevating Professionals Through Top-level Leadership Development

Any business executive or manager is familiar with the struggle of finding the best leadership program for their team or company. Many who claim to be experts fail to provide the necessary tools and resources to elevate a company’s leadership culture. And it’s that significant scarcity that has motivated speaker and trainer Anthony D. Shannon to continue on his mission to raise the next generation of corporate leaders who will affect positive change in the workplace and beyond.

Anthony D Shannon, Sr., also known as Speaker T, is a leadership speaker and corporate facilitator. His thought-provoking insights and programs have empowered thousands of professionals to provide better results for their departments, teams, and organizations by teaching proven principles on productivity, goal-setting, and leadership through turbulent times. Speaker T is also a highly-celebrated author and pastor who has written two books and four manuals, primarily around the topic of leadership. 

In this ever-shifting crisis-filled world, leadership development has become necessary for companies to pivot and adapt to uncertainty and volatility. But that’s not to say that any training program available out there will solve a company’s leadership problems. Many businesses and organizations still struggle when it comes to finding the best program for their organization. That gap in the market motivated Anthony to start offering his services to organizations, including various large corporations and small businesses.

Before stepping into the speaking arena, Anthony was already a notable leader. Born in Pontiac, Michigan, the trainer grew up in the Christian faith. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Southern Christian University and a Master of Divinity at the Southern Christian University, he became a full-time minister after deciding to follow his mother into the ministry. As an ordained overseer, he served his congregation admirably and developed a ministry that exemplified excellence in vision casting, time management, people management, and servant leadership.

After years in ministry, Anthony Shannon started stepping into the corporate world and developed a knack for B2B sales, business development, and coaching. Shannon picked up a few certifications, including one from the prestigious John Maxwell Group and Sam Chad Leadership Academy. The leadership trainer has recently started working under Fair Consulting Group and shadowing iconic leadership speaker Shawn Fair under his prestigious program—The Leadership Experience Tour.

Anthony Shannon, Sr. has impacted countless lives across the United States through his many sermons, speaking engagements, and published materials throughout his ministry. As a management and sales trainer, Shannon has also empowered over 3,000 sales professionals, working as a sales training and district vice president for many top corporations like ADP, Ceridian, Marriott, Total Source, StaffPlus, and Paychex, to name a few.

The last twenty-five years have been nothing short of colorful and celebrated for Speaker T, but he’s constantly looking forward and thinking about what’s next. Anthony continues to inspire professionals to work with passion and purpose by going beyond simply working for a paycheck and doing something because they know it’s their highest calling.

With his uncanny ability to break down the complicated and turn them into bite-sized and straightforward principles, Anthony continues to empower professionals all over the country and teach them how to thrive in the workplace despite the turmoil, change, and challenges. 

Learn more about the leadership speaker by visiting his website.

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