A must-read World War II book of history falling apart

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A must-read World War II book of history falling apart

A must-read World War II book of history falling apart

SOUTH AFRICA – March 11, 2021 – Honoring history by remembering it through literature can be the most powerful tool that tugs at heartstrings while simultaneously filling the future with hope and foreboding. “The First EU: An Alternate History” penned by Alan J Caulfield, tells a story of a group of young people who go on a whirlwind journey from resisting the Nazi occupation to major collaboration.

The story of survival in this book will captivate readers. Think of a few stories to show the complete extent of a person’s survival instinct in the ravages of a war-torn country. This mesmerizing novel will bring us to the events of the Second World War. After losing the Battle of Britain in the autumn of 1940. Germany didn’t invade Russia in 1941, but took nearly two years to prepare for an invasion of first Ireland and then the rest of the United Kingdom the only country still left to bring into line. By this time the rest of Europe was on the side of Germany.

Caulfield writes about the harrowing accounts of war, depicting day-to-day horrors and an insurmountable survival series that would tell the tale and eventually be a source of insight. This book bonds the reader and the characters that provide hope in the darkest times.

“The First EU: An Alternate History” blends family, friendship and history in the underlying chaos of World War II and its aftermath. While the moments of every page can be devastating as true accounts of the ravaging war linger, it also exudes a deep and moving story of resilience and enduring love.

For more information about Caulfield, visit his website at https://www.alanjcaulfield.com.

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“The First EU: An Alternate History”
By Alan Caulfield
Kindle | $4.99
Paperback | $14.99
Available at URLink Print & Media, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers

About the Author

Alan J Caulfield was Born in Dumfries Scotland at the end of WW2, where the famous songwriter and poet Robbie Burns lived. Leaving there at age three he was brought up near London and in later life became a mechanical engineer, giving him the opportunity to live and work around the world. Traveling on the Trans-Siberian Express in the days when it was much more basic, he also came under rocket attack in northern Israel and spent time in the Alaskan backcountry.

When working he wrote many engineering documents and because of the international make-up of the team he had to keep his English simple and straightforward, which is reflected in his writing. After retiring in 2013, he joined writing groups starting to write short stories. This is his first book.

He has three sons, the eldest living in Cape Town, South Africa, where he sells his art at the waterfront. The other two live near London, England. The author also now resides in Cape Town where he is busy on his next book.

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