Easy Tips To Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer

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Easy Tips To Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer

Easy Tips To Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer

Andrew Miller, Owner of Miller Heating & Cooling
Local company provides tips to keep air conditioners functioning when needed

by Jim Kedge

MIDDLETOWN, DE – While it may feel like summer is far away, Andrew Miller knows the heat comes quicker than expected.

“At this time of year, our company starts preparing and gearing up for summer,” says Andrew Miller, Owner of Miller Heating and Cooling. “This is one of our busiest seasons, and we want to make sure we can provide the best service we can to our community.”

When the weather starts to heat up, and people start using their air conditioners, Miller Heating and Cooling get many of their calls. “There is some wear and tear that occurs on our heating and cooling systems when they aren’t in use,” Miller states. “We get customers telling us that something is wrong with their A/C when they first turn it on.”

According to Miller, it’s common for units to break down when they are needed the most. “During a heatwave — when we run our air conditioners most of the time — is when something will break,” says Miller. According to Miller, worn down parts will finally give up when they don’t get a break from running.

There are preventative measures to take, so an A/C unit runs at peak performance. Miller gave us some tips to help keep down costs and make sure everything runs smoothly this summer.

“If your thermostat is in the sun or close to a warm spot in your house, it will run more than it needs to,” says Miller. Automatic thermostats detect the temperature in the house and cool down or heat the home as necessary. “Your air conditioner will always try to cool the house down if it’s in a hot spot,” says Miller. “This will cause your bill to skyrocket and could unnecessarily wear out your A/C unit.”

Air conditioning systems always have a unit outside to cycle the air properly. But many people overlook this part of their home. “The condenser outside can get dirty pretty easily,” says Miller. “As there is exposure to the elements, it can use a good cleaning.” Miller goes on to explain that clean air conditioning equipment works best and will help keep costs down.

Lastly, homeowners might want to inspect their insulation. “Too many houses don’t keep the cool air inside,” says Miller. Even small gaps in doors or windows can lead to cold air escaping. And with that cold air not staying in the house, air conditioners need to work harder to bring down the temperature. “Do a thorough check of your windows and doors,” suggests Miller. “You might be surprised by how much of your home is not airtight.”

Miller adds that the best way to keep costs down is regular maintenance from professionals. “If you have someone from our company inspect your heating and cooling units before you need them, you can stop a problem before it starts,” says Miller. Many of the highest costs for repairs come with emergency or short notice calls. If an A/C unit quits during a heatwave, the repair cost may be higher if it is on the weekend or after hours.

Advanced work and planning can make a big difference in your bills and comfort this summer. Hopefully, you can stay cool and save money thanks to these tips from Andrew Miller at Miller Heating and Cooling.

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