Introducing Graham Byers: The Modern Entrepreneur Reaching Success the Unconventional Way

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Introducing Graham Byers: The Modern Entrepreneur Reaching Success the Unconventional Way

Introducing Graham Byers: The Modern Entrepreneur Reaching Success the Unconventional Way

As the digital space thrives in today’s modern age, bright minds quickly notice its various potential and business opportunities. Graham Byers is among those labeled as the modern entrepreneur. He proves that anyone can leverage the online space to gain millions of dollars every year with nothing more than laptops, internet connections, and guts.

Like most people in college, Graham Byers had the mindset of settling down to a corporate, nine-to-five job straight out of graduation. He was on the “traditional course of having a stable career in the software industry.” Still, even when that particular route programmed on his mind, Graham pursued building his first company on the side. “Within a year of starting my first brand, a health supplement, I sold it in order to start my next company,” shared Graham.

Years later, Graham Byers worked at a corporate job. Being no stranger to hustling multiple ventures simultaneously, Graham realized that there is more to making a living than sticking to the traditional path. And so, fearlessly leaving his job of 2 years, Graham decided to quit and focus solely on his business. It was then that the young entrepreneur went into using his direct response marketing skills to good use.

As of date, Graham Byers has established three companies, selling his first brand at 23 years old and continuing to manage the other two internet-based companies on his portfolio. Graham, with his two-person team, has gained millions of dollars in revenue. Currently based in Puerto Rico, he and his partner specialize in direct response internet marketing to help businesses scale their engagement and revenue through digital platforms. 

Graham Byers proves that a company does not need the traditional office set-up, nor does it need to employ thousands of employees to serve brands across the globe. “Leveraging the internet, I’m able to advertise to almost any geography and demographic at any time for pennies on the dollar,” the entrepreneur shared. “Through our marketing methods, we not only profitably acquire customers on the front end, but we also have expertise in building email lists that you’re able to monetize month after month,” he added. 

On top of that, skipping the bureaucracy of large firms, Graham Byers ensures that their service is prompt according to their client’s schedule. On top of that, the duo gets to exercise full creative freedom on their ideas and marketing campaigns. Graham is extremely hands-on and personal in handling clients and listening to their requests. Using collaboration, he and his clients are able to eclipse competition by developing innovative solutions.

Additionally, Graham Byers aspires to inspire individuals interested in pursuing their entrepreneurial spirit through the internet. He wants to show others that it is possible to build a company even without formal education or comprehensive business background. Graham also aims to attract like-minded people to his network and build a community that would further the possibilities of the internet as a medium.

“Building your own business has never been easier than now. Especially with the reach of the internet,” said Graham Byers. Asked where he envisions to be in five years, Graham confidently shared that he aims to grow from an operator to a reputable investor in the digital landscape.

Learn more about Graham Byers on his website.

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