New Book Casts Light on California’s Zodiac Killer as Being a Canadian

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New Book Casts Light on California’s Zodiac Killer as Being a Canadian

The author of a new Zodiac book claims that California serial killer, the Zodiac, remains unidentified and possibly still alive despite recent claims to the contrary by several authors each of whom has claimed that their dad was the infamous serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s and early 1970s. “There’s absolutely no evidence that the Zodiac has been identified. Numerous authors have claimed to have solved the case, but not a single speck of credible evidence has been presented implicating any of the accused,” says Søren Korsgaard, author of America’s Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Account of the Zodiac Killer (KorsgaardPublishing, 2020) in a recent interview with American bestselling author Dr. Melissa Caudle.

On December 20, 1968, the shadowy gunman, who later called himself the Zodiac in letters to the news media, shot and killed two teenagers, David Faraday and Betty Jensen, just outside Vallejo, California. The Zodiac’s epidemic of madness and murder culminated with his fifth confirmed killing of San Francisco cab driver Paul Stine on October 11, 1969. While the killings stopped, he embarked upon a new game: Terrorism. In handwritten letters, primarily addressed to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, he taunted the investigators, claimed they would never catch him, and he delighted in terrorizing the public by threatening to “wipe out” a bus full of school children, a threat which never materialized. According to the book, the Zodiac “left behind a catalogue of evidence,” both advertently and inadvertently, in the form of handwritten letters, witnesses, fingerprints, palm prints, DNA, and ballistics. He also called the police on July 4 and September 27, 1969, following two of his crimes.

Although conclusively tied to five murders, the book reveals via linguistic as well as criminological analyses with “near certainty” that the Zodiac also killed Oceanside cab driver, Ray Davis, in 1962. Davis’ killer, like the Zodiac, taunted the police in phone calls before and after the murder, and he also threatened to kill a bus driver. According to the author, “The Zodiac was able to hide his identify, but he was unable to hide his psychological fingerprint and linguistic idiosyncrasies. Those two unique features reveal with near certainty that he is culpable for the murder of Ray Davis.”

Up to this point, it has been assumed that the Zodiac was an American, but the book presents a meticulous analysis of his language which reveals “unique linguistic characteristics associated with Canada,” including “linguistic devices.” According to the witnesses, the Zodiac didn’t speak with an accent, but his “choice of words, spelling, and phrases show a blend between American and British English which is associated with Canada.” Canadian speakers can usually not be distinguished from American ones. Another piece of circumstantial evidence, he points out, is that the Zodiac told two of his victims that he had escaped from the Deer Lodge prison, a story he had invented. If he had been a lifelong Bay Area resident, he would almost certainly have picked a well-known prison in California, like the San Quentin State Prison. However, the Deer Lodge prison is located in the state of Montana which shares 14 Canadian border crossings with British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan provinces. In addition to the Zodiac, evidence has also resurfaced that the most famous and only unsolved skyjacker in US history, D.B. cooper, likely, as well, came from Canada. So it may be that two of the most famous unsolved crime cases in US history were carried out by Canadians.

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