Move Advocate Launches Service to Recover Overcharges and Losses Caused by Movers

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Move Advocate Launches Service to Recover Overcharges and Losses Caused by Movers

October 25, 2019 – Hiring a moving company is not always as hassle-free as often described. A mover can give you one price, wait until the absolute last minute before you have to vacate the property, then raise the price 50 to 200 percent, this is called the “Bait and Switch” and It is becoming all too popular nowadays. Let’s not forget the familiar issues like, damaged property while packing the truck, lost or stolen items while in transit, or even delayed shipments. The cost of these damages can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. How can clients hold their movers accountable? A new service, Move Advocate, now makes this possible.

Move Advocate has extensive experience in the moving industry, and can stand up for the rights of clients in cases of damage and loss. Moving Companies do not always disclose everything, and it can take a professional service like Move Advocate to recover these losses.

We know all the ins and outs, all the loopholes, all the contracts. We know everything the movers don’t want you to know. We are responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and countless prosecutions,” says Joe Shepherd of Move Advocate.

Here are some of the things that moving companies can be held accountable for. They may raise the cost on the day of the move, and this money can be recovered. Missing or stolen items are not a client’s fault, and damages can be recovered. Property damage, damage to items during transport, or delays in delivery, all of these are valid reasons to go for recovery.

Our main goal is not to merely go after fines and prosecutions. We try to get back as much money as possible for the damages and losses incurred. And we don’t charge until recovery has been made,” said Joe.

Move Advocate works closely with several government organizations, including FMCSA, Department of Transportation, and Department of Justice. Their actions are not just empty threats. The outcomes show success rates as follows: overcharging (99% success), property damage (97% success), Damaged or lost items (95% success) and shipping delays (90% success).

Even professional movers sometimes make mistakes, and these can result in irreparable losses too. It is thus reasonable to ask to be reimbursed. Move Advocate is here to make every case successful.

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