Why it Pays to Count the Likely Cost of Basement Renovations

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Why it Pays to Count the Likely Cost of Basement Renovations

Adding extra living space to a house is often an attractive alternative to moving home, as although there is still considerable planning, work and costs involved, it is usually less upheaval than completely moving home. But while the extra space can be useful extra space for storage, growing families or bespoke function rooms such as a gym – not to mention adding value to the house itself – there is the time-consuming process of securing planning permission and enduring the work itself.

A way around this is to fulfil the potential of the so-called ‘dead space’ beneath homes – the basement. Basements are often taken for granted and used as dumping grounds for random household objects, but they can be put to far greater use by being converted in a comparatively straightforward process.

But any basement remodelling job needs the utmost attention to safety. Being underground, basements are more at risk of damp and any construction work carried out within the foundations of a house could affect the integrity and structure of the building.

Basement Now is a basement renovation company that has a multi-specialised team that has expertise in the safety and security aspects, along with ensuring the renovation is attractive.A concern for homeowners is basement renovations cost, which can be influenced by numerous factors. Basement Now provide a helpful guide to the variety of things to consider when assessing basement finishing cost in Toronto, and how these factors affect what scale of pricing might be acceptable to the individual homeowner.

The size of the basement is perhaps the most obvious factor, as it will ultimately decide on how much material is used, and also how much labour time will be expended placing the material in the basement. Basement Now also explain that price per square foot can actually be less in bigger basements, because the number of similar costs is being essentially spread across a larger area. As an example, Basement Now say for basements up to 900 feet, the cost per square foot will be between $35 and $52 while basements up to 2,000 square feet will be between $28 and $33.

The floor plan type is another influential aspect in the overall cost of basement renovations. A standard floor plan with no unusualfeatures will allow standard pieces of material to be used, which will fit into conventional measurements; a non-standard floor plan will require special cutting of material and can add up to 5% to a bill; higher ceilings above the 8ft standard can provide an extra increase of up to 10%. And because Basement Now offer extras such as bar and kitchen additions, custom flooring and bespoke plumbing, these can also increase the final price.

Basement Now also provides advice on pricing levels, and what each potentially means. High-end companies that use big-name brands are often 15% more expensive with questionable differences in quality, while at the other end of the spectrum, extremely cheap prices are something to be aware of – so-called ‘bargain prices’ may suggest below-par work that requires repairs later on. Basement Now advises on aiming at mid-level prices, where customers are more likely to receive a good standard of work and quality materials, without a price that is worryingly cheap.

About Basement Now

Basement Now is based in Concord, Ontario, and specialize in transforming basements into a wide range of alternative uses, including bathrooms, kitchens, home theatres, home offices and saunas. They offer services across Ontario, in Toronto, Vaughan, Oakville, Markham, Thornhill, Mississauga and Richmond Hill. 

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