Study Suggests the Safe and Structured Environment of a Rehab Centre Changes How Patients Think About Addiction

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Study Suggests the Safe and Structured Environment of a Rehab Centre Changes How Patients Think About Addiction

In 2018, the city of Vancouver registered new records in the number of overdose deaths. As the city continues to struggle to identify an effective and timely solution to address this, many more resident keep battling drug and alcohol abuse.

Treatment centers in Vancouver are playing an increasingly part in the solution. They promote healthy habits and a productive life as well as equip people with the necessary tools to overcome their addiction. Now, a recent small scale study conducted in Australia has aimed to demonstrate the actual benefits through qualitative means involving in-depth interview with people who have followed an inpatient program.

Stable environment, daily routine, support and relapse prevention

There are a number of aspects that make up a high quality rehab center and while mindful every person will go through their own experience, there is growing evidence pointing to the success factors that lead to recovery.

First and foremost, patients have revealed that a stable environment has not only helped remove temptations, but living amongst other people played a role in helping them learn how to cope without drugs or alcohol. Seeing others work through their emotions can enable people to turn the lens on themselves and ask questions. Secondly, a daily routine encourages discipline and education as well as clear goals and the security of having a day planned out ahead.

Participants in the study also said that the support whether from their counsellors or peers allowed them to give and take advice as well as learn how to live a life without addiction. Therapy can encourage one to reflect on personal values and envision a different version of themselves, free of addiction.

Lastly, preventing relapses and effectively addressing cravings have played a major role.

Vancouver rehab centre weighs in

“We can confirm similar results with our own residents. For example does who come to our rehab centre for alcohol abuse have benefitted highly from having a stable and safe environment, following a carefully put together routine and benefitting from around the clock support. However, we place much greater emphasis on avoiding relapse. Data tells us that most people will consume alcohol in the same year after they have finished a rehab program so we need to be well prepared and empower our patients to not be in that category. Our aftercare program is based on the principle that support does not end when the program does and as they return to their lives, we are there every step of the way”, said a spokesperson for one of Vancouver’s most established rehab centres, Inspire Change Wellness.

About Inspire Change Wellness

Successfully treating a wide range of addictions in men, from heroin and methadone to cocaine and opioids, requires more than having the necessary medical expertise. It involves compassion, understanding, comfort and an environment that encourages healing and understands the specific challenges men have to go through. These are the guiding principles of Vancouver Rehab Center.

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