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Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Industry 4.0), which is a high-level combination of physical and digital hyperlink systems with the focus on the internet, everything connected (IoT) and artificial intelligence. Industry 4.0 with digitalization system, aiming to liberate people from intellectual work.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution can create fierce competition but it is also an opportunity for financial and accounting institutions to continuously develop financial services, professional accounting, and the transparent and transparent part of information, improving service quality, meeting the increasing demands of the people. Industrial revolution 4.0 has formed a new technology finance which are:

+ Forex

+ Binary

+ Margin Trade

+ AI Trade

Forex financial markets, stocks, Binary, are the most liquid market in the world: the market is open 24 hours a day, especially compared to other traditional financial markets “commodities” of the financial market forex, stock are very fast and trading costs are very low. Today, the value of Forex and stock markets is about 20 to 30 trillion dollars. That really is a huge number. 

So for us (trader), what will we do to make the most money in this new financial market?

Do we really want to make a lot of money from this financial market? 

That is the reason why BTCMTX was born, with the goal of bringing profits and new investment opportunities for traders. 

BTC = Business Technology Center: 

  • Have a large team of technology experts
  • Center for high technology development
  • Technology is center
  • Digital business technology platform

MTX = Meta Trader X: 

  • Trading platform is developed based on Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5 and Meta Trader Beta.
  •  Applications of artificial intelligence (AI).

BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CENTER partner of many exchanges such as MT4, MT5. They provide technology solutions forex, stocks for major exchanges in the world. They have extensive experience in creating and operating exchanges. With the big data system of big financial products, they have a huge data source for trading decisions.

With new and accurate technology background, btcmtx creates a professional and reliable trading system. This system improves transaction accuracy in order to benefit traders and investors. The strength of BTC is also extremely high liquidity in transactions, btcmtx supports all payment methods such as paypal, perfect money, bitcoin …

With its strengths, btcmtx will become one of the most prominent trading platforms in the era of technology 4.0.

With the system in many exchanges. BTCMTX will give traders and investors flexibility in trading, generating income from many different exchanges at the same time.

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