Revamped Resumes Leverages ATS to Assist Jobseekers in Landing Interviews

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Revamped Resumes Leverages ATS to Assist Jobseekers in Landing Interviews

Revamped Resumes, a contemporary version of a company founded in 2006 that has supported the successful job searches of hundreds of executives around the globe, wanted to position themselves as far more than a resume writing company. To differentiate themselves from competitors, they became experts in the art and science of ATS – the applicant tracking system every candidate encounters when applying for jobs online – leveraging their expertise to guarantee the resume will get seen by the recruiter.

ATS compliance ensures the client’s resume submission is not rejected. Indeed, it verifies that the resume scores 80% or higher when compared against the job description – a requirement set by recruiters. When the resume passes this threshold, it will move on to a human recruiter; if not, the resume is likely relegated to a cavernous database (the infamous black hole).

Revamped Resumes CEO Victoria Ipri states, “If a job seeker has been sending out lots of resumes but getting little or nothing back, we can fix this. We’ll assess the resume for ATS compliance at no charge and explain which factors are preventing the candidate from landing interviews. If the client wishes to move forward, we offer several service packages at varying price points.”

We asked Victoria a few questions to better understand how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help job seekers.

Q. ATS has been a great improvement for recruiters. But now you moved to the other side of the equation: job seekers. Do you think that ATS and more in general, AI, can really help people getting a better job?

A. No, these technologies don’t help a job seeker get a job. Only the job seeker can make this happen. But the use of these technologies certainly can help job seekers get past the “digital gatekeeper” to guarantee the resume is seen by a human recruiter, a crucial step in the job hunt.

Q. AI needs large data volumes for being effective. How do you feed data into the ATS system?

A. Both the resume and the job description being pursued are scanned into the ATS, allowing the ATS to render a “match score” indicating how closely the resume matches the keywords, qualifications, skills, and education required by the job description. We then follow ATS guidelines and recommendations to amend the resume and bring the match score to 80% or higher.

Q. Few recruitment companies have explored into AI so far. Is the use of advanced technology for HR Revamped Resumes mission?

A. Actually, almost all recruitment agencies and recruiters, along with 97% of Fortune 500 companies and 73% of smaller companies, now use ATS in their recruitment processes. It’s a given because the influx of resumes received online is overwhelming. However, as ATS technology becomes ever more sophisticated, it offers the opportunity to bring the needs of recruiters and the skills of job seekers closer together, making it easier for recruiters to find the best candidates and for jobseekers to land their dream jobs!

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