Zoom Electric Scooters brings the future to today with their range of 100% electric Mopeds

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Zoom Electric Scooters brings the future to today with their range of 100% electric Mopeds

Leading providers of electric mobility products, Zoom Electric Scooters, solidify their position in the transportation industry with accolades coming from different users

Zoom Electric Scooters have again reiterated their goal of “charting a brighter path into the future – one mile at a time” as the company continues to offer green, fresh, and affordable transportation means with their range of scooters. The company has grown to become a household name in the United States and other parts of the continent as it continues to expand rapidly across North America thanks to the combination of affordability and quality.

Urban transportation has several challenges that have continued to make it somewhat difficult for people to move travel from one location to another. Unfortunately, many of the transportation solutions fail to meet the needs of customers as well as the environment. The increasing advocacy for eco-friendly solutions has made it imperative to adopt cleaner methods of transportation. This is where Zoom Electric Scooters is looking to make a difference through creative, forward-thinking innovations.

After years of research and testing of electric scooters and moped, the company has rolled out its affordable and convenient solution – the Zoom Scooters. The 100% electronic smart scooters come with a wide range of features to offer a one-of-a-kind user experience. Some features of the scooters that have made the products one of the most sought-after transportation solutions in the North American region include easy maintenance, long range capability of up to 60 miles per charge, advanced alarm system for maximum security, high-tech, maintenance-free, brushless hub electric motor, front and rear suspension, all-around cross-drilled disc brakes, and a large padded seat with storage. The mopeds also comes with safety features such as LED front headlights, brake lights, signals, and horn.

The Zoom Electric Scooters are particularly cost-efficient, saving users the cost of purchasing gas, insurance, and parking while allowing them to get around anywhere in the city easily. The unique combination of technology with innovative 21st-century engineering and a team of passionate designers and engineers that include the makers of the famous Ampere Roadsters have given birth to the Zoom Electric Scooters.

Zoom Electric Scooters is available in different colors, including red, black, and white, ensuring that the preference of every customer is met. The product has continued to garner reviews from different users across the nation. “Very pleased with the purchase of two electric Zoom Scooters and how they performed. I was VERY surprised at how quiet they rode and how beautiful they are. These scooters looked and performed greater than my expectations. The company did a terrific job in the execution of the details of the scooters. The personnel of the company are TOP NOTCH, Always available to give me tips and guidance on the ins and outs of the scooters. Could not be more pleased! Looking forward to many years of enjoyment with them!” said Jerry of Port St. Lucie.

For more information about Zoom Electric Scooters and how to join the greener, safer, and more convenient transport community, please visit – https://www.zoomescooters.com/. Zoom Electric Scooters is also available across several social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

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