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From the year 1916, BMW, the German automaker has created an unique mark around the world with its vehicles that are not only a marvel in modern engineering, but a statement of style as well. Thus, if you are reading this today, we assume that you appreciate style, beauty and technology like no other and are thus a proud owner of a BMW vehicle! A BMW is not just any vehicle that gets you from point A to point B, but an experience to cherish.

Accessorise in style

Thus, when it comes to accessorising your BMW, you know you are making an impact. For instance, you can choose to enhance the beauty and style of your BMW with BMW door lights. BMW door lights are a class apart and make the process of entering your vehicle an utterly pleasurable experience. Of course, one would say that you are a show off, but you know for a fact that you have indeed earned that right!

BMW door lights are a modification fancier that does not destroy the appearance of your car but enhances its look, without you having to use any drilling tools. If you are looking for help on how to install BMW door lights, here is help at hand. BMW magnet door lights use 3M tape to fix the lights on the door. To install BMW door lights you have to follow the steps as mentioned below.

How to install BMW door lights yourself

  • First things first, it is recommended that you buy genuine BMW door lights. Once you have bought it either online or from an accessories store in the market, you can begin the process of installation. You will need to remove the cover from the ghost shadow lights and insert the batteries in the light housing. You will require AAA batteries of 4.5 V for this. You may have to buy the battery pack separately as the seller is most likely to sell it separately, rather then with the lights.
  • The next step is to use the 3M tape on the lights housing. This tape will not have to be purchased separately. You will find it in the box in which the lights have arrived. The 3M tape should cover the top area of the BMW door light housing. This is a crucial step to follow through as the bottom area would be jutting out a bit. However, while putting the 3M tape you will have to ensure that the entire top area gets covered.
  • Now for the next step, you have to place the BMW door light on the panel of the door. It is a good idea to practice it beforehand (before you put in the tape) as the light housing must be placed vertically with the plastic housing. Another thing to bear in mind is to clean the car doorstep where you wish to install the BMW door lights. If the doorstep and the panel is not clean and has gathered dust, chances are that the magnet and the tape will not stick.
  • Once your BMW door light has been put on the panel, you can use the projector film on the right position. The good things about the projector film is that it can be changed according to your will. All you need to do is to change the film with a different logo that is easily available online.

You are now ready to roll! The BMW door light logo will be  displayed on the ground each time you open the door. The logo is best on display when it is dark outside. Rest assured with the BMW door lights making a style statement for you, you will be quite the centre of attraction when you step into your car in style. If you like to live in style, BMW door lights is an accessory you can definitely consider.

Invest in genuine BMW accessories and install yourself

Although you are a proud owner of a BMW, we recommend you use this DIY guide to install the BMW door light yourself! As you can see from the steps that we have defined above it is a pretty simple job of you just concentrate and follow through the steps. On the other hand, if you ere to consider a mechanic to do this job for you, he may charge you big bucks for the same, simply because of the brand value attached to you as a customer!

However, we do not recommend compromising on the quality of your BMW door lights and invest in genuine BMW accessories rather than a counterfeit. You can put your faith in us while making this purchase. We are one of the largest inventory holders of BMW genuine parts and accessories. We guarantee early shipping and 24×7 customer service support in case you have any problems.

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