A Powerful Helper to Epitope-specific Antibody Design Projects—Creative Biolabs

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A Powerful Helper to Epitope-specific Antibody Design Projects—Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs provides global clients with first-level antibody design services, especially for those working on the projects of epitope-specific antibodies.

October 10, 2019—New York, US Antibodies are crucial tools in scientific researches, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Designing antibodies with desired functions targeting specific epitopes now becomes a powerful prompter in the field of medical research and medicine development. Creative Biolabs, equipped with the first-level technology support and knowledgeable scientists, has launched the one-stop services regarding antibody design, aiming to help clients obtain ideal, highly developable and stable epitope-specific mAbs.

The neo epitope-specific mAbs design services are comprehensive and systematic, mainly made up of antibody structure modelling, antibody-antigen complex analysis, computer-aided affinity maturation, antibody structure determination, and experimental validation.

For the first step antibody structure design modeling, Creative Biolabs provides two approaches: homology modeling and antibody initio (or de novo) modeling. The homology modeling method takes advantage of the protein molecules’ 3D structure as “samples”, on the basis of which to generate a structure while taking the AA differences into consideration. It performs well when predicting the Fv region. The antibody de novo modeling approach, recently achieving booming breakthrough, operates principally in the complementarity-determining regions (CDRs), which is more challenging compared with managing the Fv region. In this approach, loop grafting and de novo modeling are the main loop-modeling methods, of which the latter works more independently.

After constructing the structure, the next step antibody-antigen complexes analysis is essential, utilizing the computational software tools. Two significant segments compose the whole analysis process, antibody-antigen complex modeling and paratope characterization. While modeling the antibody-antigen complex, Creative Biolabs abandons the conventional X-ray crystallography, which is not accurate and time-costing. Instead, computational techniques come into use, which involve GB/SA method during estimating electrostatic and solvation free energies. Creative Biolabs has developed an all-round computational procedure to predict paratope residues and their partners, containing molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, rigid-body docking, and homology modeling, allowing for determining significant paratope residues on target antibody and corresponding epitope on the antigen. Additionally, paratope prediction using other methods also stands available to satisfy varied orders, including Hydrogen-deuterium exchange and mass spectrometry, Hopfield network, as well as peptide-based approaches.

The epitope-specific antibody design services, based upon abreast-of-the-art technology platforms like the PreciabTM, can accelerate global customers’ antibody projects around antibody design, medical research or drug manufacturing. If more information about the antibody design programs or Creative Biolabs required, please visit https://www.creative-biolabs.com/preciab/.

Creative Biolabs is the leading custom service provider having extensive experience in various antibody production and engineering fields. Its service portfolio includes mouse and rat monoclonal antibody production using hybridoma technology, human, monkey, rabbit, chicken, dog, llama and camel monoclonal antibody production using various antibody library technologies (including phage display, bacterial display and yeast display). OEM services for bulk scale antibody manufacturing, including bacterial production of scFv, diabody, tandem scFv, miniantibody and Fab, and mammalian cell expression of minibody, chimeric IgG and IgG, are available at the most competitive price in the industry.

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