Steve Hackett of Genesis, Has a “Revelation” About Bandmate Peter Gabriel

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Steve Hackett of Genesis, Has a “Revelation” About Bandmate Peter Gabriel

Steve Hackett of Genesis, Has a “Revelation” About Bandmate Peter Gabriel

Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel of Genesis in 1973

Oct 1, 2019 – On the just released episode of, former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett was asked by comedian and show host David Race, if Hackett could think of any unsual habits that the other members of Genesis had, while Hackett was in the band. Hackett ended up revealing something truly unique about the bands lead singer, Peter Gabriel.

Hackett said that during the early 1970’s “classic Genesis” era, Gabriel would bring a metal detector on tour, and in his spare time on the road, he would hunt for coins and other metal objects.

This presented the extraordinary visual picture of Peter Gabriel, who already at the time was the renowned lead singer of a band that ultimately would be inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”… Spending afternoons on the beaches of the United States, earphones on, listening for beeps via his metal detector… Beachgoers all around, completely unaware that the man standing nearby “digging in the dirt”, would soon be one the most well known rock singers in the world.

Monstrosity podcast host David Race has been consistently getting interesting, never before told stories, out of his celebrity guests. On a previous episode, Race’s podcast got worldwide attention for some interesting reveals he coaxed out of iconic actress Loni Anderson.

Monstrosity with David Race” has completed only 12 episodes, but is already a top podcast in the USA. David Race tells us: “I love doing the podcast. It’s a throwback to my roots as a rock radio DJ. And we’ve done a nice job of getting people on the show, that I’m really interested in. Take Steve Hackett from Genesis. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge Genesis fan, so it was a thrill to talk with Steve. And I managed to ask him tons of Genesis questions that I’ve never heard him answer before”.

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