Talks about Why One May Want to Use Wood Chunks for Smoking Meats

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These days, people have an incredible selection of foods and cooking methods to choose from. Surveys indicate that barbecue is one of the most popular foods right now. At the same time, a constantly growing number of people are opting to create their own barbecued masterpieces at home rather than turning to a restaurant. Among those, smoking is quickly becoming the most popular cooking method. 

Smoking Meats for Sumptuous Meals

Dozens of smokers are on the market at present. Each one has its own cook times, volume, and other features. Additionally, quite a few barbecue aficionados are choosing to build their own customized smokers. On top of that, people have different fuel sources to choose from, such as pellets, wood chips, and wood chunks. One can get more info on each of those options, but wood chunks are often preferred. 

Chips Versus Chunks

Smoking meats offer a range of advantages. This method follows the low-and-slow cooking method, rendering meats incredibly tender, juicy, and flavorful. Using different types of woods infuses the meat with various flavors. Some of the most popular types of wood are hickory, oak, pecan, cherry, and apple. Each one lends its own distinct flavor to foods. 

That brings us to the versions of these woods that can be used for smoking. Wood chips are small pieces of wood. They burn up fairly quickly, so they’re not necessarily suitable for large cuts of meat to be cooked for long periods of time. Still, they impart the flavors people are looking for when smoking foods. Some of the Best Wood Chips For Smoking Meat are maple and hickory, but the other previously mentioned options are popular as well.

Wood chunks, on the other hand, are larger pieces of fuel for smokers. They ignite well and burn slowly. That makes them the optimal solution for slow-cooking meats. Unlike wood chips, there’s no need to soak chunks in water before cooking with them. They naturally last a long time in smokers according to and other sources. 

Why Smoke Meats?

Now that one knows a little more about the types of fuel sources for one’s smoker, it’s time to take a closer look at why smoking has become such a highly favored way to barbecue meats. Obviously, the unique flavor this cooking strategy provides is one of the main reasons. One just can’t beat a good piece of smoked meat that has been seasoned to perfection. 

Smoked meats are high in protein, and much of the fat they contain renders out and drips away during the smoking process. Furthermore, there’s no real need to add excessive amounts of salt to smoked meats. Companies like Cutting Edge Firewood can help one enjoy all those benefits and many more with their selections of wood for smokers. 

Making the Most of a Barbecue

Outdoor cooking gives one numerous ways to prepare different types of foods. From grilled veggies to slow-cooked desserts, one may have countless options to choose from. When it comes to meats, though, one can’t go wrong with smoking. Use the information provided here combined with some culinary skills and creativity to make the most of all backyard barbecues.

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