Singer Wes Dean Announces to Release His New Song “Time to Bring Back Peace & Love”

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Singer Wes Dean Announces to Release His New Song “Time to Bring Back Peace & Love”

Recently, Wes Dean, a life-long musician who has set foot in the recording career successfully, is releasing a new song called “Time to Bring Back Peace & Love.”

USA – June 28, 2022 – After beginning his business in September 2021, the music artist Wes Dean now is releasing an interesting song called “Time to Bring Back Peace & Love.” As his first song became popular on Spotify and YouTube, he hopes that with his songs he can inspire people to live their lives to the fullest. The new song is about to be released on July 1st which is his third song. On this occasion, he remembers how he started his musical career and got into the world of music recording.

According to the detailed report about his early life, Wes Dean has been practicing music since he was six years old. But, for a long time, it was from the comfort of his own house. He started to live his passion for music by learning piano lessons at the early age of 6. Along with piano, he tried his hands at different musical instruments like trumpet, flugelhorn, and French horn. He participated in the musical bands in his high school and played all of these instruments with all his heart. He mesmerized the audience with the performance. After joining college, he got an interest to play guitar. Since then, he has been playing guitar both acoustic and electric for the last 9 years. Also, he wrote many songs just for fun.

Later, after years playing within the four walls of his house, he finally wrote his first release. It was “Movin’ On,” a song about the right way of living a life without any fear After writing the song, he realized that this song was different and that he must do something to share this song with others. His zeal to make his songs reach the audience leads to Cue Recording. He sang the vocal there and played guitar for the song “Movin’ On.” Along with his vocals, the guitar from Buddy Speir, drums from Tyler Schafer, and bass from Holly Montgomery were added to the song. After its release, people enjoyed the song and it got more than 120,000 streams on Spotify and more than 120,000 views on YouTube. Thus, the song, “Movin’ On” was created. With the release of this song, Wes Dean had a hope that people will be inspired to live a life of their own without any fear.

The song named “Time to Bring Back Peace and Love” is a song that depicts the present need for peace in this world. “I was watching the news today/ And there’s something that I’ve gotta say/ There’s too much hating in the world today/ Peace and love is the better way.” This is how the song begins. It condemns some people’s hatred for each other just because of their skin color. The lyrics of the song tell that regardless of the color of the skin, people are all brothers and they are supposed to love each other. The song affirms that it is the time to bring back peace and love. Thus, through the song, Wes Dean conveys the message of peace and love.

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Wes Dean, born and raised in Virginia, is a phenomenal musical artist who has grown a love for music at an early age, and now he is releasing a new song “Time to Bring back Peace and Love.” The business name is Wes Dean Music, LLC, a Virginia LLC.

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