Davis Tree Service Experts Sets New Record After Removing 5 Trees in 2 Hours

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Davis Tree Service Experts Sets New Record After Removing 5 Trees in 2 Hours

Davis, California – A company that boasts effective time management, Davis Tree Service Experts has helped a homeowner get rid of 5 dead trees in less than 120 minutes. The company reportedly was contacted by the homeowner—Carlson—when he realized that the trees were already decaying. He foresaw an event where the trees would decay, break off, and land on one of his utilities. The homeowner realized that working with a team of qualified professionals would be his ticket to avoiding extreme property damage.

Davis Tree Service Experts has been the go-to tree care company for more than 10 years now,” said Carlson. “The family contacted the company for the first time in 2012 just after moving into the new property. Its team of tree cutting professionals in Davis fixed the overgrown trees that were on the landscape at the time. For this reason, when hiring the company for the tree removal procedure, the family was sure that its team would do an impressive job.”

What Carlson did not expect is how speedy the team of tree cutting professionals would be when it came to his tree removal. He noted that since his trees had already started decaying, he knew they would be more difficult to work on as the team had to be extra careful to eliminate the possibility of property damage.

One of the trees had ants all over it,” said the homeowner. “This was a clear sign that its insides had been decaying for a while now. For such a tree to go down without causing damage, Davis Tree Service Experts would need to remove it foot by foot.”

To see how Davis Tree Service Experts works hard to ensure maximum safety during tree removal procedures, read this story: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/davis-tree-service-experts-hires-new-crane-operator-to-make-emergency-tree-removals-safer.

Carlson noted that what he did not know is that the company had updated its tree maintenance tools since the last time he had worked with it.

Earlier today when the company came to remove the decaying trees,” said Carlson, “they had a crane and a bucket truck. The last time the team came to trim the trees on the landscape, they used manual climbing and lowered the cut branches manually with ropes. The crane and bucket truck was new inventory and the family was very curious to see how the team would use the tools.”

The homeowner reported that the company used the bucket truck to reach the crown and remove all the branches on the decayed tree. This reduced the weight that the already weak tree had to support with its compromised wood structure. After removing the crown, the team attached the crane to the first foot of the tree before using power cutting tools to cut through the tree. The crane brought down the cut pieces one by one, ensuring they were placed in the right location all through.

The company made the entire process look so easy,” said Carlson. “In under 90 minutes, the team had already cut all 5 trees without causing property damage to the utilities that were standing extremely close.”

The homeowner noted that the team went ahead and spent the extra 30 minutes on stump removal and cleanup. While the homeowner was expecting the cleanup, the stump removal was unexpected.

The family had to ask if the stump removal would cost extra money,” said Carlson. “The head of field operations surprised everyone when he noted that the entire cost—including the cost of stump removal—had been included in the quotation. The family was more than happy to have met a team that did not try to take advantage of the family’s lack of knowledge to extort more money.”

Davis Tree Service Experts has a base of operation at 638 Cantrill Dr, 95618 Davis, CA. The company can be contacted at +1 530-288-6335 and [email protected]

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