Pradip Giri launches Octoberfeed to deliver trustworthy news in Nepal

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Pradip Giri launches Octoberfeed to deliver trustworthy news in Nepal

Pradip Giri has launched a news media website named Octoberfeed to deliver trustworthy news to Nepali Internet users. He is aiming for Good news to be published on his media Website. 

“We hope to deliver trustworthy news to internet users. The main topics we will include on our site are politics, entertainment, sports, and national issues.” Said Founder of Octoberfeed Pradip Giri. 

“Credible news sources can provide information about which restaurant you should take your partner’s parents to, which neighborhoods are the best place to move to in a new city, what new education policies mean for your school district, or which politicians will make policies that improve your life. And Octoberfeed will try its best in providing information to the people.” Added Pradip Giri

Octoberfeed has currently 12 writers who cover stories on national issues and politics. Octoberfeed will be re-designing its website for better readability of the news articles published on the site as stated on their website.

Octoberfeed changed its design from the old to the new design recently. Octoberfeed is said to be the most followed and widely read news portal in Nepal for the latest events inside and outside the country. 

Octoberfeed is inspired by Scriling Media which runs from the same location. “Octoberfeed will Cover stories that are authentic and independent of Nature. 

Octoberfeed is a privately owned Media Company where political influence is hardly stopping us from writing the truths behind every story.” Also Added Pradip Giri.

Pradip Giri will launch Octoberfeed in Biratchowk where he grew up and currently resides in the area as his company on the page writes.

Biratchowk is a town in Morang Nepal that is flourishing in the ecosystem of start-ups and Digital Business Hub. Pradip Giri’s launch of Octoberfeed will give local and national internet users access to meaningful news stories and news content.

Octoberfeed is currently available on the Web and will be launching its news app at the end of this year. It has a clean and user-friendly design that is accessible on the web, mobile browsers, and smart devices.

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