The easy way to create a token with Whales Corp

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The easy way to create a token with Whales Corp

Blockchain is an emerging technology that has increased in interest along with the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Today, it is not only widely discussed in the world of finance. Blockchain is already being used to store and process personal data and identification, in marketing and computer games. 

Blockchain contains all records of transactions – even with tulip bulbs in a botanical garden. Unlike conventional databases, these records cannot be changed or deleted, only new ones can be added.

The mass adoption of crypto technology is on the horizon, and in a couple of years we won’t be able to imagine our lives without it. If you were involved in Internet business in the 90s, you probably remember that if you wanted to launch your own website, you had to buy expensive hardware, software and find an IT specialist to set it all up properly. These days, all you have to do is register with one of the many cloud services, enter your credit card details and set up your website with a fairly self-explanatory editor in a couple of hours, and that is it! It’s the same in the cryptocurrency world.

You no longer need software engineers to launch your own cryptocurrency.

Whales Corp (the developers of Tonhub, a mobile cryptocurrency wallet app) have announced the launch of their app-based token builder, which will allow Tonhub users to create their own cryptocurrency in just a few clicks.


Whales Corp is an independent team of developers of TON – The Open Network – a fully decentralised and one of the world’s fastest layer-1 blockchain, developed by Telegram with hundreds of thousands of community members.

There are many projects in the blockchain ecosystem that use custom tokens, and now development teams have to spend time and resources to launch their own coins, so Tonhub custom token builder will definitely accelerate the development of cryptocurrency projects.

The number of scenarios for using your own crypto coin is endless, from playing Monopoly with friends to creating an employee stock options program for your team and implementing tokens in business applications (like a loyalty program for a restaurant or an in-game currency in the play2earn project).

Creating your own coin will only take you a couple of minutes. You will need to go to the TonWhales website via Tonhub Wallet, come up with a name for your coin, and send the required amount of tokens to your address. Creating your own coin will no longer require any developer involvement.

We’re sure there are thousands (maybe even millions) of companies in today’s world that would love to have their own token embedded in their business. The launch of DEX, previously announced by Whales Corp, will allow easy and quick trading of any custom coin with all members of the TON ecosystem.

And for cryptocurrency enthusiasts: it’s 100% functional blockchain mining, and the token you get is a real altcoin that can be traded on any DEX, exchange, etc. The recently released MVP version transfers the full token issue to the owner’s TON wallet. Future versions of the product will also have a tokenomics constructor.

According to Whales Corp, the token constructor is only available to Whales Club members. To join the club, one must have one of the 10,000 NFT whales that are mined from time to time on the Ton Whales website]. Subscribe to the club’s Telegram channel and Twitter to find out about the next NFT coin drop.

Whales Corp’s main projects:

– TonHub – a fast, easy to use and secure mobile wallet for Ton Coin /

– Largest TON mining pool (~150 000 miners) /

– Largest TON staking pool /

– Whales Club – one of the most advanced crypto communities /

– DEX – TON’s first decentralized exchange / 

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