BURNS Expands Industrial Coffee Roasters and Coffee Processing Machines

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BURNS Expands Industrial Coffee Roasters and Coffee Processing Machines

BURNS Expands Industrial Coffee Roasters and Coffee Processing Machines

United States – Nothing beats the first sip of hot coffee to start the day right and no doubt, coffee is one of the favorite beverages for many people who seek happiness and peace of mind. In this sense, and like everything in life, there’s always room for improvement. Burns Industrial Coffee Roasters has produced one of the most incredible machines for coffee roasting, providing some of the best coffee ever tasted. 


With a range of equipment and support services for roasting and processing coffee in small and large batches, enabling roasting businesses to thrive and excel at roasting coffee beans consistently,   

our designers and engineers are experts in producing advanced technologies with high quality of best materials. We can customize your roaster to fit your exact needs and specifications.

Our machines are absolutely unique and designed to last a lifetime. 

That’s one of the many reasons our roasters are famous all over the world! Our roasters may be scaled up or down by using the same components and overall design.

We created our roasters in this manner in order to create a machine that is as functional as it is attractive. Temperature probes with high sensitivity are included in our roasters to monitor bean and ambient temperatures. They’re also compatible with the majority of coffee data-logging systems. This makes gathering information simple, allowing you to consistently produce the perfect roast.

Who is Burning Coffee Roasters?

We’ve been making the most adaptable and durable Industrial Coffee Roasters & Roasting Equipment in the business since 1864. Our decades of expertise have resulted in unrivaled engineering, R&D, sales, and service resources. Through providing the most knowledgeable consultation, backed by premier installation services and remarkably responsive local support, our customers can focus on the success of their business for generations to come.

Probat Inc established in Lincolnshire, Illinois, proudly produces Burns Roasters. The B540R and B270R are designed, automated, and created in our plant. We have trained service specialists in Illinois and around North America who are already ready to rebuild your existing machines at our Lincolnshire facility or within your roasting factory. 

We Internationalize our Products

Regardless of its unparalleled design, the B270R is the newest addition to the Burns line of industrial coffee roasters. It has a classic design and a cast-iron structure with the most up-to-date technology controls for maximum efficiency. 

The B270R is versatile, dependable, and built to last. Its performance lies in convective heat-transfer technology for lower roasting temperatures and higher airflow with a patented perforated drum for consistent roasting. The time it takes to roast the coffee beans can range between 3.5 – 15 minutes, not to mention the Pro Controls for sequential control of the entire process from roasting to cooling and destoning, as well as maximum production and repeatability.

We need to talk a little bit about our new product, the B540R. This roaster features a modular design for fast installation with a space-saving footprint—significantly smaller than solid drum roasters, as well as a recirculating system for energy efficiency and a Pro Controls system with curve tracking for automatic profile roasting. This roaster also comes with an automated cleanout (ACO) for product consistency and minimal maintenance.

With extensive experience in coffee processing systems and modern plant control solutions, BURNS has the engineering know how to bring your production facility into the twenty-first century. From green bean coffee processing through ground coffee degassing, BURNS can handle any roasting system idea. We can handle lot-tracking, data-logging, production scheduling, and SKU management for both green and roasted coffee. Our solutions are designed with flexibility in mind so that your plant control solution can grow with your company.


Our sales staff is based in Lincolnshire, IL, with East and West Coast sales managers. To learn more about Burns Roasters, give us a call and we will contact you at any time. We have many options to help our customers, including remote technical assistance that our engineers can utilize to troubleshoot any issues remotely. We may access your machine online using internet-based technology to diagnose and address problems quickly and efficiently. Remote support can help you save time and money by avoiding the need for an on-site visit. In addition, we offer on-site assistance and maintenance services, this service is specialized for issues that can’t be solved remotely, or if you’d like hands-on support for preventive maintenance, we’ll send a technician to your site.

How to Contact Burns Industrial Coffee Roasters? 

Our team can give you all the details and information you need:

325 Marriott Drive, Suite 100, Lincolnshire, IL 60069:

Phone: 847.415.5293 

Fax: 847.793.8611 

Service: +1 877-683-8113


[email protected]

[email protected]

International Calls: + 1 847-415-5263


[email protected]

More Information about Burns 

BURNS is owned and operated by Probat, Inc., the American subsidiary of PROBAT-Werke GmbH, Emmerich, Germany. For 155 years, BURNS has been successfully designing and operating coffee roasters. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and training to guide you through the process. We assess coffee roasters, verify their appropriateness for use, and supply the experience, equipment, and engineering needed to run a full-service coffee roasting company.

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