Nftrust Launches the First Tool to Tackle NFT’s Greatest Weakness: Blind Signing.

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Nftrust Launches the First Tool to Tackle NFT’s Greatest Weakness: Blind Signing.

With only one click, investors can now check the mint site score before connecting their wallet.

June 13, 2022 – Porto, Portugal – The new NFTrust extension, launched a few days ago, promises to answer the most asked questions about blind signing and reduce concerns before connecting wallets to mint sites. What’s behind the mint page? Is the contract legit? Does it follow best practices? These are some of the questions the extension is here to answer. With the right technology and data analysis, the NFTrust extension will increase the trust of buyers before linking their wallet to unknown sites.

With the NFTrust extension, blind signing doesn’t need to come with surprises anymore. With only one click, the extension allows investors to quickly check the collection score, based on Technical Analysis, Sales Data and Social Presence. Among other data, NFTrust rates: 

  • Technical Data: Is the contract verified in etherscan? Where are the metadata and image located?

  • Social Data: What is the social reach of the collections? How many followers does it have?

  • Sales Data: What is the sales volume? How many holders does it have?

Founders said that the main inspiration for this launch came from observing the rising number of scams related to blind signing, costing lots of money to investors. When a trader connects their wallet to a mint site, he is consenting to something that, most of the time, he doesn’t know what is behind it. That’s why blind signing is known as NFT’s greatest weakness, and the new NFTrust extension is here to minimize the risk.

With the extension, in just a few seconds, traders can know what is the contract behind the mint site and other collection details, such as the collection rate, thereby reducing risks before connecting their wallet to the site. 

The NFTrust extension is supported by a complete platform, where traders can check extra details about the collection, with only one click from the extension. 

Download the free Chrome extension here, or visit the platform to find out the latest NFT ratings and reviews.

Twitter: @NFTrustme

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