Wireless Temperature And Humidity Recorder For Cold Storage Monitoring

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Wireless Temperature And Humidity Recorder For Cold Storage Monitoring

Many highly sensitive products require refrigeration. Many biological products, such as blood and tissue samples or biological vaccines, require cryogenic or ultra-cryogenic storage. Depending on the type of vaccine, it may need to be refrigerated and stored in a cryogenic or ultra-cryogenic refrigerator. Refrigerator storage temperature is usually around 4°C/39°F; Low temperatures are usually -20°C to -40°C/-4°F to -40°F; Ultra-low temperature storage is usually -40°C to -86°C/-40°F to -122°F.


Accurate temperature monitoring and tracking of any cryogenic or ultra-cryogenic storage is critical when a power outage or forgetting to open a door can become a health hazard and result in product damage and loss of money. For product safety and operator peace of mind, any refrigerated unit requires a temperature data recorder to ensure proper temperature is maintained. Low temperature data loggers and temperature and humidity probes that monitor cold storage units can help prevent product damage and economic loss by alerting employees to high or low temperatures.

First, use Hengko USB temperature and humidity recorder for wireless temperature and humidity monitoring

HK-J9A101 USB single temperature recorder can provide accurate and reliable temperature monitoring for cold storage. The wireless temperature data logger securely transfers data to the cloud platform using the SmartLogger software. Users can view real-time data and receive temperature deviation alerts via email and text alerts. In addition, each data logger is battery-powered and can store up to 32,000 readings, helping to ensure data integrity even in the event of a building power failure. It is ideal for refrigerators, freezers and incubators.

Second,analysis of data trends is an important aspect of facility environmental monitoring.

In practice, there are many tools and methods for trend environmental monitoring data. For data useful to staff, data should be collected for collection and analysis to meet the needs of the facility. Graphs and tables, whether manually generated or generated by software, provide visualization of data. The Wireless temperature and humidity logger sends the collected data to the computer for processing by using the SmartLogger software. Reports can be automatically generated and exported in various formats (PDF, XLS, or CSV). Visual data can help users to perform effective and intuitive data analysis.

Third, HK-J8A102 handheld temperature and humidity recorder is suitable for the temperature measurement inside the refrigerator, low temperature tank and incubator, and even for the measurement of liquid nitrogen. Range – 40 ℃ to 125 ℃ ° C; 0~100%RH, through CE certification and Shenzhen Institute of Measurement calibration certification, is a high precision temperature and humidity recording instrument.

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