POPK Token by Popkon Partners, is listed on DigiFinex, a global virtual asset exchange.

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POPK Token by Popkon Partners, is listed on DigiFinex, a global virtual asset exchange.

On the 30th, Popkon Partners stated that it will proceed with a 10,000 USDT worth of promotion celebrating the official listing of POPKON (POPK) on DigiFinex, one of the largest global virtual assets exchanges.

POPK, a virtual asset that is used in Popkon.net, which is a compensation-type live streaming exchange platform, has been developed to overcome the various kinds of problems and limitations that the preexistent live streaming platforms have. POPK is managed in the form of the DAO, based on blockchain technology. And, by escaping from the opaque compensation system of the preexistent centralized power platform, it supports the more transparent compensation and the establishment of a stable and autonomous ecosystem.

Also, regarding POPK, in order to reform the monopolistic structure of the preexistent live-streaming platforms and in order to make the production of the more diverse content possible, it introduced the Staking Pool and the live-streaming to earn process.

The users who watch the live-streaming contents get around to receiving the compensation with the POPK tokens according to the activity, including the log-in inside the platform, the item gift-giving, and the evaluation of the value of the contents, etc. After purchasing the NFT that had been produced by the creator, one can receive compensation through Staking. And it is planned to participate in the production through the form of donating the content creations.

POPK is designed to be able to be transformed into COLA items for sponsoring the influencer on Popkon.net and Popkon TV. And Popkon TV has secured around 5.6 million users who do the activities aggressively in the streaming ecosystem, the recording of the daily number of the log-in members at around 170,000 people, etc. Also, the number of content created in a month is around 120,000, which is the largest size in Asia.

As for the main partner companies of POPK, there are THE E&M, Finngram, BLOCKCHAIN I, HAFEN VENTURES, AC Capital, 7 O’Clock Labs, RedHat, X99VENTURES, HMB, UNREAL CAPITAL, Fomoin, NFV, BLKbirds, JUNGLE KART, Indigo CHILD, GAMEFI CAPITAL, Block Tides, etc.

Otherwise, DigiFinex is a virtual asset exchange that was established in Singapore in 2017, it possesses over 1 million users in the whole world. And it is a global exchange that has grown to a number of transactions of the size of over 60 billion dollars. 

A related source of Popkon Partners conveyed, “POPK will become a new live-streaming and a contents ecosystem for the communication patterns of the modern people which gets reorganized by being centered on the digital. And it is planned that the POPK Wallet will be linked to the Popkon TV and the Popkon Net after the middle of June.”

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