Timothy Judson Taylor Releases New Track “Cold Blue”

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Timothy Judson Taylor Releases New Track “Cold Blue”

The story behind the story.

During the late 70’s and early 80’s I was developing new musical ideas that dug into the changing psychology of society. I had seen a lot of violence and had become both shocked, and dismayed. As the song I was crafting came into fruition, I took note of the way serial killers were proliferating through the American landscape. During this time, the concept for “Cold Blue” began to take shape. I was working with a fellow at the time whose daughter had been discovered dead, a victim of a notoriously famous serial killer. It was crushing to this young woman’s family. It saddened and angered me to such a degree that I wanted a better end to it. Not long after I found out a high school acquaintance had also been killed by a serial killer as well. This galvanized me into action.

These injustices screamed for justice that the women did not get in life. Out of this sense of outrage, and injustice, “Cold Blue” was born, with a mind towards telling a story that gave the power back to the victims. At this point the final pieces of the song had locked into place. During the writing process I synthesized these two killers into one. At the core of the song is a man who is a monster in every measurable way, but entirely invisible to society and locked into a pattern he cannot break. They were both quiet, indistinguishable, and kept getting away with it. They looked entirely normal. No one suspected.

“Cold Blue” is about a woman who is determined to put an end to this madness. She recognizes his pattern, has a plan and enters into the drama triangle. She understands him and sets a trap for him. The outcome for him is final. The fear he had seen so many times becomes the last thing he feels, as she brings his reign of terror to a satisfying close. The last thing he sees is a woman, with justice in her eyes, and steely resolve. He leaves the world as so many of his victims had… in fear, at the mercy of another.

This song features core band members Timothy Judson Taylor, Devin North and Tim SmithGuest
Solos by Matthew Mills, and Derek Sherinian.
Mixed by Multi Grammy Winner Brian Vibberts
Mastered by David Ives.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2yIM31wGaDMJMnMljMoxOf
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP5e-p-JECxdE_83bDFcMCg

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