First browser-based 3D virtual tabletop for RPG gaming crosses 100% funding on Kickstarter

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First browser-based 3D virtual tabletop for RPG gaming crosses 100% funding on Kickstarter

SceneGrinder’s virtual tabletop is not only innovative but also incredibly user-friendly. It supports all RPG games and assures the quickest setups.

How about a user-friendly 3D virtual tabletop that could support any kind of pen-and-paper RPG system? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, a Florida-based gaming accessory company, SceneGrinder, has recently launched the FIRST-ever browser-based 3D virtual tabletop on Kickstarter that is not only a breeze to use but is also compatible with any kind of RPG gaming. The project has raised a huge storm on the popular crowdfunding platform and has already crossed 100% of the funding goal with 29 more days to go.

The campaign was launched with the initial funding goal of $10,000 to be raised within June 23, 2022. As of now, the campaign boasts more than twice as much at $24,326. Although funding has slain beyond its funding goal, the campaign hopes to raise more by the final phase of its pledge timeline. 

“We are excited to bring to you our next-gen 3D Virtual Tabletop which is user-friendly and supports any type of Pen-and-Paper RPG system. Our innovative product has combined advanced immersive graphics with unique features such as interactive NPC, first-person point-of-view, and so on.  It’s a browser-based device and there is no requirement of application download or server setup- our motto is ‘More Gaming. Less Work.’”, stated Deanna Mims, the leading spokesperson from SceneGrinder.

“Our advanced 3D Virtual Tabletop will allow you to build up your custom 3D town in just minutes. Isn’t that cool? You bet. Well, there are many such amazing features to explore with our 3D Virtual Tabletop. Our platform is visually spectacular, absolutely mobile-friendly, and is compatible with any sort of RPG system rule set, such as 5e.”

Top features and benefits:

More enhanced gaming experience-

  • Easy management of game system rules
  • Intuitive and streamlined interface to make gaming easier for gamers of all levels
  • Auto-target with area effects
  • Ability to track initiatives
  • Simple setup for less work and more gaming

Smart in-built features eliminate the usage of multiple apps-

  • The Journal- keeps a record of everything, such as dice rolls, story notes, messages, and so on
  • World Manager- assures easy organization of maps of all scales, characters, NPCs, and game narratives
  • Character Sheets- helps to keep on every aspect of gamer’s characters
  • Map Editor- enables the creation of 3D maps and allows usage of existing 2D maps
  • Handouts & PMs – from players to players and from GM to players
  • Share and sell- users will be able to sell or share anything they create

Breakthrough concepts and features for tabletops

  • State-of-the-art interactive NPCs
  • Clues for players
  • Automated selling and buying of goods
  • Gamers will be able to explore screens on their own
  • Ability to create exciting “Escape Room” and solo adventures

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all our backers on Kickstarter who have helped us to not only meet but even exceed our initial funding goal. Your support has enabled us to unlock our stretch goals, which if fulfilled, will equip us to add more advanced features to our product, such as augmented sound, explore mode, interactive NPCs, and more. Our project is already in the late alpha development stage and with further support from you all, we will be able to bring you a more state-of-the-art gaming experience.”

Backers will be rewarded with a GM license and rewards from unlocked stretch goals. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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