SNS DAO officially set sail with Blockchain innovation

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SNS DAO officially set sail with Blockchain innovation

Recently, SNS DAO officially set sail globally, launching a model of the multiple integration of DAO community autonomous governance, NFT metaverse, Gamefi and Socialfi

A series of impacts come with the continuous development of the Internet. Nowadays, the emergence of metaverse technology further demonstrates another possibility to the people in the real world. SNS DAO thus emerges by occupying the highland of metaverse and taking the advantages of blockchain to build a new social contact platform online. While today DeFi and DAO are still under exploration, community DAO of SNS aims to forge a fair, impartial and open community with autonomous governance, stimulating the ecological vitality of metaverse.

Focus on industry background and welcome current chances.

In the past few years, giants of digital currency market have come to the public, pushing the completion of application scenario of blockchain. At the time, DeFi was the first in public and broke the market total value many times. DeFI refers to the application based on the blockchain, like digital currency, financial smart contract and protocol and decentralized applications. Every transaction, loan, token saved in the liquidity pool and assets in the wallet is really on the chain in DeFi. Since 2019, people have shown increasingly supports for DAO. The organization model with autonomy and decentralization, deriving from the spontaneous coordination of common creation, construction, governance, sharing agreed by a community with one consensus based on the core concept of blockchain, has been widely accepted by people.

Show the value concept and build governance token.

With the rising of DeFi, the challenges confronted by NFT, metaverse, digital twin transactions, Gamefi, Socialfi and DAO of future autonomous community are larger and larger. SNSDAO has truly achieved the fairness, justice, open and equity using the community token, SNS token, to reach the goal of sustainable development of SNS community, with the decision right in the shareholders’ hand. SNSDAO create a model of the multiple integration of DAO community autonomous governance, NFT metaverse, Gamefi, Socialfi + project incubation by the virtue of development of aggregation capability under the steady consensus between the platform and the users, making new profit for the users and the shareholders. In the process of DAO governance, the token holders not only enjoy the profit from stable fee of community token, but also take the responsibility of community governance, including the application and development of NFT, Gamefi, Socialfi and DAO governance, promotion and governance, release of the empowered token, incubation, operation and management, liquidation mechanism stimulating, strategy issuance and withdrawal, and “investor is the shareholder” mechanism. Through all these ways can the community DAO of SNS make the best of the resources and fulfill the creative development.

Unique digital IP system construction.

Metaverse is a virtual-real digital world. There might be virtual originals and digital characters in the future metaverse of SNS, in which the former will be a virtual anchor, idol and so on, separate from the physical world with no mapping relation with the real world; the latter is the reflection of the people in real world, that is, a digital duplication which cannot separate from the physical world. Each of them is the significant participant and constructor of metaverse and will largely promote its prosperousness.

Take Liu Yexi as an example. Her popularity not only lay on the creative form, because her seemed to find the entrance connecting the real world and the two dimensions world, demonstrating the communication pattern between the real world and the virtual characters in future metaverse. It also widens the imagination of people using short videos to build metaverse, leaving a broad space for imagination.

SNS community DAO is consistent to the mission of leading the 2 million fans of blockchain to the metaverse, building the most valuable DAO. A sincere heart brings a thousand people’s strength; solidarity comes from all the people of one mind. SNS community DAO adheres to build the most valuable DAO in the metaverse era based on the concept of fairness, justice, openness and upright mind, concept and behavior.  

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