CD BioGlyco Updated Its Carbohydrate Manufacturing Service

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CD BioGlyco Updated Its Carbohydrate Manufacturing Service

CD BioGlyco announced the update of its carbohydrate manufacturing service, to help advance glycobiology research.

New York, USA – May 27, 2022 – CD BioGlyco, a supplier of a full range of glycobiology-related products, analysis, custom synthesis, and design, announced the update of its carbohydrate manufacturing service, to help advance glycobiology research.

Carbohydrates play many important roles in living organisms. They are key nutrients and a major source of energy, and are involved in various biochemical reactions related to disease and immune responses.

Carbohydrates, can be divided into four categories: monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides. Monosaccharides are made up of one unit of sugar; for example, glucose. Disaccharides consist of two monosaccharides (such as lactose) linked together. Oligosaccharides are composed of 3-9 monosaccharides, while polysaccharides are composed of more than 9 monosaccharides linked together, such as starch. Glycans are chains of monosaccharides linked together by glycosidic bonds. They exist on the surface of cells and are involved in many biochemical pathways, from helping cells communicate to identifying invading pathogens. Glycans are a diverse and complex class of molecules whose functions are determined by their unique structures.

Carbohydrate production has a wide range of applications in materials science and biomedicine, development of high-affinity ligands, and drug delivery systems.

Up to now, CD BioGlyco provides the following carbohydrate manufacturing services:

Manufacturing of Carbohydrate-based Delivery Systems

CD BioGlyco has established a variety of carbohydrate-based delivery systems that can provide customers with scientific help in targeted drug delivery, immunology, and vaccine development.

Manufacturing of Carbohydrate-based Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

CD BioGlyco has a long history of innovation and offers a wide range of carbohydrate-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The company also performs various tests to ensure drug safety.

Manufacturing of Carbohydrate Conjugates for Receptor Targeting

CD BioGlyco has made progress in the structural analysis and synthesis of carbohydrate conjugates for receptor targeting. It can flexibly modify existing procedures to meet customers’ requirements.

“We have years track record providing products and services with comprehensive scientific documentation to quality-focused industries such as biotechnology and glycobiology.” Said Anna, one of the representative speakers from CD BioGlyco. “We have extensive experience in the commercial manufacturing of carbohydrates-based products, providing the foundations for efficient services.”

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