Discusses Why Every Job Applicant Should Go through a Pre Employment Drug Test

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It’s important for employers to do everything they can to keep workers safe. That doesn’t just mean providing construction workers with hard hats or nurses with personal protective equipment. In many cases, it also includes taking steps to ensure that coworkers will not place others in danger, such as screening prospective employees to make sure they are not using controlled substances. 

Ensuring the safety of everyone in the workplace is just one reason to perform drug testing. Although it’s an important one, according to, there are plenty of other reasons to think about screening prospective hires as well. Given the troubles associated with this some people might want to read this article, “Clocking in with Cannabis and Cocaine. See Why Workplace Drug Positivity Tests Are Rising.”

State and Federal Regulations

In some industries, employers are required to conduct pre-employment testing by state and federal regulations. The trucking industry is one good example. The U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration require all holders of commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) to undergo drug tests. 

The rationale here is simple. It’s not just about protecting the truckers or others who work in the transportation industry. Screening commercial truck drivers protects everyone on the road.

Preservation of the Company’s Reputation

It’s not uncommon for companies to administer drug tests as a way of demonstrating their integrity to potential customers, clients, or business partners. In this case, it’s more or less a public relations move. The reputation of any business depends, at least in part, on the professionalism of its workers, so even one avoidable incident can damage a brand’s image. Employers can discover here why that’s so important.

Administration of Benefits

In many states, workers’ compensation plans and health care insurance providers offer discounts to employers that drug test workers. It’s not just that many states and private insurance providers offer group benefit discounts to employers that drug test new hires and current workers. There are also more than 30 states that have laws in place to disqualify workers from receiving unemployment benefits if they are terminated for violating workplace drug policies.

Preventing Accidents

Scheduling pre-employment drug tests through a company like Sterling Check EMEA can help to prevent accidents at the workplace. Preventing accidents doesn’t just help workers, either. It can also keep employers’ workers’ compensation plan costs lower, improve the company’s image, and help to avoid potentially costly lawsuits. Requiring pre-employment screening, on the other hand, costs next to nothing and comes with all the benefits described above and more.

Now Is the Time to Implement a New Policy

Before beginning to drug test current employees or screen new hires, business owners must implement new company policies that outline the new requirements. Job applicants should know in advance that drug testing will be part of the screening process, and current workers should receive notice of changes in company policy that will require them to undergo random testing. Start making those changes now so that all of the company’s bases will be covered legally when the new drug screening program goes into effect.

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