Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa Uses Tree Trimming to Help Homeowner Improve Curb Appeal

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Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa Uses Tree Trimming to Help Homeowner Improve Curb Appeal


Santa Rosa, California – After moving to his new home in Santa Rosa, Edward decided to re-organize things in the new landscape. Reportedly, Edward was not very impressed with the way the previous homeowner had maintained his trees.


“One thing the family noticed after moving to this new home is that the trees looked very unattractive,” said Edward. “From the look of things, the previous homeowner was not so much into tree maintenance.”

The homeowner noted that the fact the trees were not maintained during the home purchase benefited him. He noted that he only paid $150,000 for a home that would have a monetary value of more than $400,000 after curb appeal improvement.

“The family did not have $400,000 to spend on a new home,” said Edwards. “However, the fact that the landscape was not maintained by the time the family purchased this home helped the family secure a home of its dreams at an incredibly low cost. After working with a team of tree cutting professionals, this home will be worth close to half a million dollars.”

The homeowner reportedly decided to work with Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa after getting recommendations from several neighbors who had used the company before. According to the homeowner, the company got 5-star testimonials from his neighbors.

“When the family called Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa,” said Edward, “the team had a very impressive customer service agent. The phone call was picked on the first ring and the lady on the other end of the line was more than willing to provide all the deals the family needed. The company sent a professional to assess the trees and provide a quotation.”

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The homeowner noted that he was extremely impressed with the prices offered by Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa. The company was more affordable than all the companies he had used on his previous home in Texas.

“The family gave the company a go-ahead immediately after seeing the tree service cost estimate,” said Edward. “While the family was thinking the work would start the next day, the company sent its tree trimming team on the landscape the same day. The work was initiated at around 2 pm and by the time 7 pm rolled in, the company had already trimmed more than 10 trees. On the first day, the company made a significant difference in a matter of hours.”

The company reportedly arrived on Edward’s landscape very early in the morning on the next day. In addition to focusing on improving the landscape appearance on the second day, the company also focused on improving the safety of the trees through tree pruning.

“The company noticed that the most overgrown trees had numerous branches that were threatening to fall,” said Edward. “When shaping the trees, the company decided to remove these branches to ensure they did not cause property damage or cause injuries. The company did all this at no extra cost.”

By the time the Santa Rosa tree trimming team left Edward’s landscape, its image and appearance had improved beyond his imagination. The homeowner was so impressed that he decided to tip the team that had worked on his landscape $1,000. The homeowner also noted that all his tree service needs in the future will be handled by Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa.

Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa plans tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation located at 1101 College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, United States. Homeowners interested in the company’s services can reach it via +1 707-248-3676 and [email protected]

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