Long Beach Tree Experts Helps New Homeowner Clear Space for a New Driveway

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Long Beach Tree Experts Helps New Homeowner Clear Space for a New Driveway


Long Beach, California – After moving from Florida to his new home in Long Beach, James realized that the new home did not have a driveway. According to the real estate agent who sold the home to James, the previous homeowner was not a big fan of cars.


“As a family that loves its cars,” said James, “surviving without a proper driveway was just impossible. Therefore, the family had to look for a good team to remove several trees to create room for a driveway.”

The homeowner reportedly talked to the real estate agent to determine which company would offer him the best tree removal service at an affordable price.

“The family knew that the real estate agent had worked with a large number of homeowners and tree services providers,” said James. “When the family contacted her for help with finding a home in Long Beach, the agent noted that she had sold more than 3,000 homes in the 30 years she had operated in Long Beach. This gave off the idea that she understands tree service providers in this area better than anyone else the family could talk to.”

The real estate agent reportedly recommended Long Beach Tree Experts to James and his family. She indicated that she had used the company on several homes she wanted to be improved before being put on the market. The agent noted that at one point, the company had managed to increase the sales price of one of the homes by more than $200,000.

“By the time the family contacted Long Beach Tree Experts,” said James, “everyone was sure that the company would deliver great results with the tree removal procedure. The only thing the family needed to know was whether it would afford the cost. From the raving testimonial that the real estate agent had given the company, it looked like the company might be a little bit too expensive for the family.”

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Long Beach Tree Experts reportedly sent a professional to James’ landscape for inspection and quotation creation. When the homeowner received the quotation, he was surprised to learn that it was much cheaper than he had expected.

“The family had set aside $10,000 for the removal of 4 trees,” said the homeowner. “Everyone expected a company that is trusted by real estate agents will charge an incredibly high price. However, to everyone’s surprise, the company turned out to be much cheaper—the family spent $4,000 on the removal of the four trees. The company charged only $1,000 to remove each tree.”

The Long Beach tree removal team reportedly did an extremely good job when handling the tree removal procedure. Although the trees were standing extremely close to the house, the company did not cause property damage.

“The team of tree cutting professionals in Long Beach brought a crane and a bucket truck to manage the tree removal process,” said James. “The crane helped control the tree’s falling path while the bucket truck was used to prune trees with huge branches before cutting them down. Combining the two pieces of machinery and years of experience in the tree service industry, Long Beach Tree Experts managed to bring down the two trees in less than 3 hours.”

Long Beach Tree Experts reportedly did not just remove trees. Its team of tree cutting professionals in Long Beach also went ahead and ground the stumps before collecting the waste generated by the tree removal procedure. By the time the company left James’ home, his landscape was ready for the new driveway.

Long Beach Tree Experts has its base of operation at 1461 W 14th St, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States. The company can also be contacted by dialing +1 949-691-3726 or sending an email to [email protected]

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