Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts Donates 20 Trees to Homeowner After Handling Dead Tree Removal

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Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts Donates 20 Trees to Homeowner After Handling Dead Tree Removal


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Last week, Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday removing dead trees from Justin’s landscape. The trees on the landscape had reportedly been killed by an unknown disease while the homeowner was working outside the country.


“When the family came back home after being away for more than 7 months,” said Justin, “everyone was surprised to see the trees standing on the landscape lifeless. The trees had been the center of attention when they were alive. However, now that they were dead, they had turned into sore thumbs—they were attracting negative attention.”

Justin knew that keeping dead trees on the landscape wouldn’t be beneficial. The homeowner knew that in addition to making his landscape look unattractive, the trees would eventually decay from the inside. This would make them more susceptible to breaking and falling, causing a lot of property damage.

“The family had used Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts for tree removal procedures before,” said Justin. “Everyone knew that if the trees were to be removed safely, this was the company to call.”

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When Justin called Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts and requested help with the trees standing on his landscape, the homeowner did not expect the company to take action quickly. His family was willing to wait because the trees did not pose any immediate risk to the landscape. The homeowner was surprised when the company confirmed that a professional would arrive on his landscape to inspect the trees and provide a cost estimate.

“The professional arrived on the landscape an hour after the call,” said the homeowner. “This was an indicator of the company’s ability to keep its word and time. After inspecting the trees, the professional provided a very affordable cost estimate. The professional noted that his company has always offered bulk tree service discounts—the fact that the family was planning to remove 30 trees in one go reduced the cost of removing each tree by more than $150.”

After the cost estimate, Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts reportedly came back to start the tree removal procedure early the next morning. The company reportedly brought multiple tools to make the tree removal procedure easy for its team and safer for the neighboring trees.

“The company worked extra hard to remove a total of 10 trees every day,” said Justin. “What’s even better, the company did not just cut down the trees. Its team of tree cutting professionals in Oklahoma City went a step further to help the family prepare the landscape for new trees—the team removed the tree stumps. By the time the company completed the significant tree removal procedure on Friday, its Oklahoma City tree removal team had cleared the landscape of the waste generated by the procedure.”

The homeowner was reportedly expecting Oklahoma City Tree Service Expertsto just leave after the tree removal procedure. The company, however, went ahead and decided to offer the homeowner more help.

“Earlier today,” said Justin, “a truck arrived on the landscape carrying a total of 20 planting trees. When the family asked who had sent the planting trees, the driver indicated that the truck had come from the Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts offices.”

The homeowner reportedly called the company’s offices to thank its CEO for the help he had offered his family. Justin noted that the family will start planting the trees this week. He also told a group of reporters that he had already ordered 10 more trees which will be arriving on his landscape later today.

Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts has its base of operation at 106 NW 12th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, United States. The company, however, can be easily contacted at +1 405-766-5526 and [email protected]

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