Louisville Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowner Fix a Storm Damaged Tree

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Louisville Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowner Fix a Storm Damaged Tree


Louisville, Kentucky – When a storm broke part of Millicent’s oak tree, the homeowner thought that she would lose the tree forever. Luckily for her, a friend recommended Louisville Tree Service Experts to her. After inspecting the tree, the company determined that the damage could be fixed.


“The oak tree has been on this landscape for more than 2 generations,” said Millicent. “Losing a tree with so much historical significance wouldn’t have been a good idea. However, since the family could not control nature, the loss would have made sense to everyone. The loss that wouldn’t have made sense is if the tree had been destroyed by a circumstance that could be avoided.”

The homeowner noted that when a friend came to visit her and suggested using a tree care company to try and save the damaged tree, Millicent was more than happy.

“The family did not even care about the amount of money it would have to pay to fix the tree,” said Millicent. “The family was not operating under a budget and was, therefore, more than ready to spend as much money as would be necessary to save the tree.”

The homeowner called Louisville Tree Service Experts the same day her friend suggested the company. The company arrived on the landscape an hour later ready to fix the tree.

“After inspecting the oak tree,” said Millicent, “the company’s chief of field operations reported that the damage would be very easy to fix. He mentioned something to do with cabling.”

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After receiving a quotation for the entire tree service procedure, Millicent was surprised to learn that the repair would cost much less than she had expected.

“The family had set aside $3,000 for the repair procedure,” said Millicent. “The white oak stood at a height of more than 100 feet and had a crown almost as wide as it was tall. This meant that the family expected the tree to take too much time to fix. The family was surprised when Louisville Tree Service Experts presented its quotation and everyone realized that the fixing process would cost much less—the company decided to charge the family only $1,000.”

Louisville Tree Service Experts reportedly initiated the tree fixing process with tree trimming and tree pruning. The company removed all the unnecessary branches. According to the company’s chief of field operations, this reduced the weight.

“After shaping the branch and the areas surrounding it on the tree,” said Millicent, “the company slowly aligned the broken branch and tied it together tightly. The branch was later cabled to keep it upright and offer support as it healed.”

“The entire process took about 1 hour and 30 minutes,” added Millicent. “The Louisville team of tree cutting professionals had brought advanced tools to make the tree improvement procedure much easier.”

Louisville Tree Service Experts reportedly did not just leave after fixing the storm-damaged tree. The homeowner noted that the company’s tree pruning team in Louisville went ahead and cleaned the landscape.

“The chief of field operations mentioned that one of the reasons why the white oak suffered damage is because its crown was overcrowded,” said Millicent. “The overcrowding trapped the storm wind and broke the tree. The family plans to hire Louisville Tree Service Experts again to reduce the overcrowding of all the trees on the landscape. This will eliminate the risk of future tree damage.”

Louisville Tree Service Experts’ base of operation is located at 11501 Champions Way, Louisville, KY 40299, United States. The company, however, notes that homeowners can talk to its customer service department via +1 502-335-4889 and [email protected]reeservices.net

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