El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros Impresses Homeowner with Effective Clean Up After a Large Tree Removal Procedure

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El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros Impresses Homeowner with Effective Clean Up After a Large Tree Removal Procedure


El Dorado Hills, California – After years of hiring different teams to handle tree trimming on his landscape, Murray finally decided to give El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros a try. The homeowner got a suggestion about the company from a friend after he complained that all the tree service providers he had used previously always left his landscape covered with branches, sawdust, and leaves after each tree trimming procedure.


“When the friend suggested El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros and noted that the company always cleans up after tree maintenance procedures,” said Murray, “the wife thought this would be a good way to avoid spending extra money on cleanup after a tree maintenance procedure. The only thing that worried the family was the assumption that a company offering both tree maintenance services and after-service cleanup might be too expensive.”

Murray noted that when his family decided to contact El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros, the initial goal was to just see how much the company would charge for a tree pruning procedure. The homeowner added that if the price ended up being too high, his family would have looked for a different tree service provider.

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“When the family contacted El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros,” said Murray, “the team sent a professional to inspect the landscape and offer a cost estimate. Everyone expected the price to be at least slightly higher than what the previous company had offered considering the previous company did not clean up. However, when the professional provided a cost estimate, everyone was surprised—the company’s tree pruning team was going to be the most affordable that the family has ever used.”

The homeowner told a group of reporters that he ended up spending at least 20% less on the tree trimming procedure.

“The last company that the family used for the tree trimming procedure made away with $12,000,” said Murray. “The family thought this was a fair price considering its team of tree cutting professionals in El Dorado Hills had worked to improve 12 trees—charging $1,000 for each tree seemed like a good idea.”

The homeowner noted that what impressed him most about El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros is that the company did not just have more affordable prices—it also had a bulk service discount. The homeowner was surprised when he learned he was going to spend much less on each tree just because the company was going to work on a large number of trees in one go.

“Instead of spending $1000 on each tree,” said Murray, “the family spent an average of $800 on each tree. This was a saving of $200 per tree.”

The homeowner reportedly asked for permission from his workplace to stay home and watch El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros do its magic on his trees. The company reportedly impressed him with how speedy its service was. Its tree service team in El Dorado Hills worked on all trees in less than 6 hours.

“The company started working on the trees at around 8 am,” said Murray. “By the time 2 pm rolled in, all the work on the trees was done. The company proceeded to use the next 1.5 hours to clean up the landscape. By the time the company left, the landscape did not just look good on the tree crowns—it also looked aesthetically appealing on the ground below. El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros will be the family’s go-to company from today—not just because of the effective cleanup, but also because the company is affordable and does a very good job on the trees.”

El Dorado Hills Tree Service Pros reports that its base of operation is located at 1037 Suncast Ln, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762, United States. The company, however, can be contacted very easily at +1 916-970-3658 and [email protected]

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