Tree Service Madera Removes Dying Trees to Create Room for Healthy Trees

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Tree Service Madera Removes Dying Trees to Create Room for Healthy Trees

Madera, California – After an unknown disease affected the trees standing on Justin’s landscape, the homeowner was left with more than 10 dying trees. These trees stood in a very visible location on Justin’s landscape. To improve his curb appeal, Justin knew that he had to replace the 10 dying trees as soon as possible.

“The family was operating under a tight budget after recently setting up a business in Madera city center,’ said Justin. “For this reason, the family could not afford an overly expensive tree removal team.”

Justin reportedly asked around to find out which team would offer him the most affordable rates when it came to tree removal. Out of the 20 families he talked to, 18 recommended Tree Service Madera. The families indicated that Tree Service Madera not only offers low tree removal prices but also offers bulk service discounts.

“When the wife contacted Tree Service Madera for a quotation,” said Justin, “the company confirmed that it would send someone to take a look at the trees. A professional arrived on the landscape about 20 minutes after the call. This was quite surprising because the family was not expecting the company to respond that quickly. However, the quick response showed the family why most people in Madera prefer using the company’s services.”

Justin was reportedly surprised by the quotation he received from the professional after the tree inspection. Although he was operating under a budget, Justin was still amazed by how low the quoted cost was.

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“The family already understood that removing 10 trees wouldn’t be easy,” said Justin. “For this reason, the family was expecting to spend at least $10,000—that is, a $1,000 on each tree. Tree Service Madera, however, went ahead and gave the family a $300 discount on each tree. In the end, the family ended up spending a total of $7,000.”

When Justin confirmed that his family was okay with the tree removal price, the professional reportedly picked up his phone and called the tree removal team.

“Tree Service Madera is the quickest tree service company the family has come across so far,” said Justin. “The professional had offered the family a quotation at around 10:30 am and by 11 am, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Madera had already initiated the tree removal procedure.”

Justin noted that Tree Service Madera brought advanced tools to make the tree removal procedure safer and easier.

“They had a bucket truck, a crane, and several safety tools,” said Justin. “When removing the trees closest to the home, the team used the crane to control the tree’s falling path. For trees standing in highly constricted areas, the bucket truck played an important role in helping the company with tree pruning. The company’s tree pruning team in Madera would use the bucket truck to remove all the branches from the crown. This would allow the trees to fall in the constricted location without touching any of the neighboring utilities.”

Justin reportedly thought that the tree removal procedure would take the company’s tree removal team in Madera several days to complete. The homeowner was surprised when the team completed the entire procedure in 8 hours.

“Tree Service Madera arrived on the landscape at around 11 am and left at around 7 pm,” said Justin. “By the time the team left, the landscape was clear of the dying trees, their stumps, and the waste generated by the tree removal procedure. This is a company the family is planning to work with again.”

Tree Service Madera’s base of operation is located at 14566 CA-41, Madera, CA 93636, United States. The company, however, notes that homeowners can contact its offices remotely by calling +1 559-234-3291 or sending an email to [email protected]

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