Temecula Tree Service Pros Successfully Removes a 200-Foot Tree to Clear Space for Property Development

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Temecula Tree Service Pros Successfully Removes a 200-Foot Tree to Clear Space for Property Development


Temecula, California – When Jacob decided to build his first rental property on a newly purchased piece of land, the homeowner knew he had to deal with a very large tree that was standing in the middle of the landscape. After taking all the necessary steps to get the documents he would need to remove the tree, the homeowner finally decided to hire Temecula Tree Service Pros to handle the tree removal procedure.


“The tree was standing extremely close to power lines,” said Jacob. “The family wanted a company that could bring it down without harming the powerlines. What’s more, there was a road passing about 100 feet from the tree. This meant that unless extreme care was taken during the tree removal procedure, chances of property damages—and even accidents—were very high.”

Jacob noted that he had been using Temecula Tree Service Pros for more than 15 years. He had witnessed the company handle some extremely complicated procedures on his landscape without causing property damages.

“About 2 years ago,” said Jacob, “the family invited Temecula Tree Service Pros to the landscape to remove a tree that had been damaged by a lightning strike and was relying on neighboring trees for stability. The 100-foot tree was standing about 20 feet from the house and had a powerline passing about 30 feet from it. Temecula Tree Service Pros used its modern tree service tools to bring the tree down without harming any of the neighboring utilities. When hiring the company to remove the 200-foot tree that was blocking the property development project, the family knew that the tree removal would be completed safely.”

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Temecula Tree Service Pros reportedly brought all its modern tree service tools to ensure the procedure was completed safely.

“On the day that the family set aside for the tree removal procedure,” said Jacob, “Temecula Tree Service Pros arrived extremely early to catch the family at home before everyone left. It was easy to notice that the company had come fully prepared. Its team had brought a crane, a bucket truck, heavy ropes, advanced safety tools, modern power cutting tools, and more.”

To understand how Temecula Tree Service Pros would complete the tree removal procedure without causing harm, Jacob reportedly asked the company to explain its ideas.

“It was interesting to hear the project manager explain his team’s plans for the 200-foot tree,” said Jacob. “The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Temecula planned to handle tree trimming first. This would reduce the tree’s crown width, eliminating the need to worry about the tree falling on important utilities and causing damage. To trim the tree safely, the company used the bucket truck. For each branch the team cut, it was tied to a rope and slowly brought down to ensure maximum safety.”

After trimming the tree, Temecula Tree Service Pros reportedly went ahead and attached it to the crane before cutting its base. When cutting the tree’s base, the crane operator ensured that it was fully controlled to ensure it did not follow the wrong path down.

“By the time everyone came home in the evening,” said Jacob, “the 200-foot tree was gone and there was no damage visible anywhere. The company had also removed the tree stump and cleaned the landscape. All that is left is for the family to initiate the construction project. This project will be initiated next week but one.”

Temecula Tree Service Pros operates from its base located at 32120 Temecula Pkwy #1029, 92592 Temecula, CA. Homeowners interested in its services, however, can reach its offices by dialing +1 951-468-9475 or sending an email to [email protected]

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