Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Near Pittsburgh PA by Travis King’s Pressure Washing Backed by a Price Match Guarantee

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Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Near Pittsburgh PA by Travis King’s Pressure Washing Backed by a Price Match Guarantee

Travis King’s Pressure Washing cleans roofs and performs masonry maintenance in Western PA. Its property maintenance services allow homeowners to protect their investments in their properties.

Travis King of Travis Kings Pressure Washing says his company offers a safe to building materials soft washing technique. This way they can insure a quality job while ensuring no damage is done to the homes building materials. Travis Kings Pressure Washing offers pressure washing and roof cleaning near Pittsburgh PA, for homeowners, businesses, and industrial complexes.

Its commercial pressure washing services can tackle projects of all scales. After-winter cleaning to remove salt, dirt and debris, gum, graffiti, etc. Emergency parking lot and parking garage cleaning delivered by Travis King’s Pressure Washing ensures that the space is in good shape before a major event or an inspection. Also to insure the garage is safe of slips, trips, and falls. Regular cleaning will insure a safe environment, and prolong building materials. They also offer cleaning packages, and one time cleaning for apartment complexes, HOA’s, store fronts, plazas, and other commercial buildings. This business is a trusted partner that commercial enterprises trust for a thorough cleaning at affordable rates.

This business provides pressure washing and roof cleaning near Cranberry and Allison Park PA. It specializes in soft washing. This is safer on building materials like vinyl siding, and is very effective. Too much pressure can erode sealants, peel paint, cause cracks, and damage materials. Before commencing a project, the experts from this business will ensure that a client’s home is protected and secured against inadvertent damage.

Timely roof cleaning by Travis King’s Pressure Washing can lead to lower power bills, and prolong the roofs building materials over all. TravisKing told us that he has even helped home owners get their roof in better shape to pass inspections, and keep insurance company from dropping them. The soft wash techniques, algicides, and detergents this business uses ensure gentle cleansing that does not remove asphalt granules in excessive amounts. Its roof cleaning services kill moss, remove other organic growth that impacts the roof’s performance and integrity, and give property owners the best chance to get a good rate for their homes.

Travis King’s Pressure Washing works with many property maintenance companies in Western Pennsylvania and handles projects on time delivering quality cleanings.

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Travis King of Travis King’s Pressure Washing said, “We are a pressure washing, roof cleaning, and masonry maintenance company that operates in Western PA. We realize buying a home is one of the most expensive investments most will ever make. So, we take the property maintenance task our customers entrust us with very seriously. On a typical week, we may start by soft washing a roof or siding to remove organic growth that can be damaging to building materials and cosmetically unappealing; we may be stripping, re-sanding, and sealing pavers to ensure they last for years; we may be cleaning and sealing concrete, maybe we are even installing an epoxy garage floor. 

We specialize in pressure washing but are very involved in masonry maintenance and overall property maintenance. We truly love what we do and love tackling new projects, both residential and commercial. We always go the extra mile to ensure we do a quality job and keep your property protected during every cleaning. If we are washing a home, we always tape up any electrical outlets and apply a new duct seal if needed to meter boxes. We use low water pressure and the right cleaners to ensure your home gets clean and no damage is done. It will always look better when we leave than when we got there or you don’t pay. We want to treat your project as if it was a project we were doing at our own home.”

About the Company:

Travis King’s Pressure Washing provides commercial and residential pressure washing services for windows, roofs, gutters, yards, and property exteriors. The service prolongs the life of the building materials used and adds to the property’s curb appeal. The business also provides affordable junk removal services.

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