Scalp Micro Pro Clinic helping to restore thinning hairline through industry-leading Scalp Micropigmentation

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Scalp Micro Pro Clinic helping to restore thinning hairline through industry-leading Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micro Pro Clinic is helping people to become the best version of themselves through the appearance of thicker fuller hair, created by highly advanced SMP technique.

Greensboro, NC – May 26, 2022 – North Carolina residents struggling with thinning hairline or baldness and apprehensive of exorbitantly pricey hair transplantation services can finally heave a breath of relief. Greensboro-based leading hair loss solution clinic, Scalp Micro Pro Clinic, is extending industry-leading Scalp Micropigmentation that helps to restore thinning hairline, camouflage balding, and other hair loss issues. SMP is a non-invasive, proven, and efficient procedure that is safer and more affordable than regular invasive hair loss treatments like hair transplantation.

Scalp Micropigmentation aka SMP is a cutting-edge non-invasive hair loss solution that deploys micro needles to create an impression of hair-like follicles on the scalp to present the appearance of dense hair. Victor E. Ibarra, the founder of Scalp Micro Pro Clinic, has himself received the SMP technique for his own hair loss with immense success. The treatment has not only rewarded him with a denser and thicker impression of hair but has also done wonders to boost his confidence. The experience further inspired to help others suffering from the same problems through state-of-the-art SMP services via his own clinic. Thus, the Scalp Micro Pro Clinic was born. 

Per the statements of Victor, SMP has been found to be immensely helpful to restore receding hairline. The SMP specialists in Scalp Micro Pro Clinic will recreate a perfect personalized hairline matching up with the specific head and face shape of the client. For those suffering from baldness, SMP can create the look of a short buzz cut, regardless of the stage of balding. 

The SMP technique will also help to camouflage scarring on the scalp. 

“Scalp Micropigmentation is a welcome addition to the scene of hair loss solutions. It is a safe non-invasive procedure that uses small needles to deposit pigment (matching with your hair color) onto the upper layer of your scalp skin and hairline that eventually helps to create an appearance of hair follicles – emulating the desired look of a fuller, thicker head of hair. The procedure will restore receding hairline, add on needed density to thinning areas, and give you the appearance of a smart buzz cut. Compared to complex and invasive hair transplants, SMP is a much simpler, non-invasive, non-medical, and safer procedure- and of course, you will be able to avail the solution at just a fraction of cost of signing up for hair transplantation”, stated Victor. 

“One of the best parts about SMP is that it can add ‘high optical density’ to thinning areas that altogether create the look of dense tufts of hair over your scalp. You will be glad to know the technique doesn’t require much maintenance.” 

On an average, it takes as few as 3 sessions to complete the SMP procedure. As it’s a non-invasive procedure, there is no downtime required. Clients taking to SMP won’t have to shell out for costly prescription painkillers. One SMP treatment is enough to go well without touch-up for 3-5 years.  

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