King Adonis I, Founder of Adonitology Net Worth Hits $628M

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King Adonis I, Founder of Adonitology Net Worth Hits $628M

King Adonis I, the renowned celebrity author, singer and founder of The Church of Adonitology, an international religion for women with curves and new age thinkers, net worth is now estimated at $628 million according to a source close to the leader. This makes King Adonis I one of the wealthiest religious leaders in the world.

It was his savvy business moves with the Church of Adonitology brand, his stake in media holdings, global real estate investments, investments in corporate stocks, and ownership in various companies throughout the U.S. and the Middle East that contributed to his wealth. He also owns 100% of Dream City Universal Inc. the for-profit media arm of the church which produces and creates television and film content. The celebrity author recently purchased an NFT collection valued at $10 million.

As founder of The Church of Adonitology, his stake in global real estate investments through the church’s for profit companies are valued at $247 million, his stake in media holdings are estimated at $100 million. Money generated from his book sales, The Book of Adonitology: The Sacred Pentadon of the Adonitology Religion, also adds to his portfolio.

His wealth makes him the second richest religious leader in the world after tele-evangelist Kenneth Copeland who has an estimated net worth of $760 million. 

King Adonis I was born in Chicago, Ill and launched the Church of Adonitology (, a religious movement for women with curves and new age thinkers in 2009. He claims he received a holy visit in 1996 from three heavenly beings who told him to form a religion for callipygian women. The movement was an instant success and quickly attracted followers in the tens of thousands online. After a 2018 article about the Adonitology religion appeared in Maxim Magazine India, a plethora of Adonitology memes began circulating on social media and Adonitology became one of the first religions of the 21st century to go viral turning its founder, King Adonis I into an overnight celebrity.  

In 2020, King Adonis I and the Adonitology religion were featured in the short documentary “5 Celebrity Gods Who Walk Among Men.” Also featured in the documentary are President Donald Trump, Beyonce Knowles Carter, Kanye West and Diego Maradona. The documentary explores celebrities turned into religions and the people who worship them. 

Adonitology’s popularity has made King Adonis a popular topic on blogs and in podcasts such as 2 Jacked Bros, The MVP, and Hiipothesis. The Adonitology religion has been featured in several podcasters trending topics along with the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith entanglement saga, Nick Cannon’s baby drama, singer Chloe Bailey and rapper Gunna’s relationship. 

When King Adonis I launched Adonitology online in 2009, the religion made headlines for its controversial philosophy for empowering callipygian (shapely derriere) women offering them body positivity and spiritual enlightenment. The religion brings in an estimated $25 million in offerings and donations per year.  

In addition to his overall net worth, sources estimate King Adonis I made $37 million in 2021.

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