RingHello Offers Premium Virtual Call Handling for Lawyers and Law Firms at Highly Approachable Rates

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RingHello Offers Premium Virtual Call Handling for Lawyers and Law Firms at Highly Approachable Rates

RingHello is an American company that offers premium virtual call handling services at flat monthly fees.

Attorneys typically face dozens of calls a day, whether by potential clients or active ones. Although each contact should be equally important, prolific lawyers sometimes need to prioritize and can’t spare undivided attention for every client. 

RingHello is an American company that offers top-tier virtual call handling for lawyers at highly approachable flat monthly fees. The pay per call or minute are outdated methods that put an unnecessary financial burden – RingHello’s flat monthly plans ensure that lawyers now have an opportunity to save considerable amounts of money while receiving premium, dependable call handling services. 

One of the most prominent features of RingHello’s services is spam & call filtering. Other exciting features include live transfers, onboarding, appointment setting, document setting, retainer processing, and the innovative Intake feature, which allows the company’s clients to conduct quick and accurate qualification scans of new potential clients. 

Furthermore, RingHello offers an exquisite feature that allows its clients to channel information into their CRM. According to the brand’s spokesperson, “RingHello was not meant to be a cookie-cutter call handling service, the opposite, in fact.” The company was built upon the idea of boutique call handling services, empowering business owners with an ability to tweak almost every aspect of their call handling process. 

By engaging RingHello services, attorneys and law firms have an opportunity to drastically increase conversation rates. By delegating call handling to friendly, professional, and courteous experts, lawyers can focus on more important tasks and let RingHello grow their businesses. 

A flat monthly subscription is the game-changing feature of RingHello. According to statistics sourced from Statista.com, the average annual salary of an in-house reception agent is approximately $32,000. By engaging RingHello’s services, attorneys can save thousands of dollars yearly. 

RCP Legal Solutions handles the marketing side of RingHello. Having achieved pristine ratings on Google and various other reviewing platforms, the brand was featured among the top 6 legal marketing companies in Rhode Island. 

Thousands of attorneys, law firms, and organizations have experienced considerable growth and increased conversation rates after approaching RingHello, and the company continues to embrace new clients under its wings, offering premium call handling services at highly approachable rates. 

More information about RingHello and RCP Legal Solutions is available on RingHello’s official website.

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