WEOWNS – The World’s First People’s Digital Currency Created To Improve Society.

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WEOWNS – The World’s First People’s Digital Currency Created To Improve Society.

Weownomy Platform Corporation launches the world’s first people’s E-currency


California – May 26th, 2022 – WEOWNS is a digital currency created to make income more equitable by giving back benefits to its contributors. It can be found on the UNISWAP platform, and its WeownomyPay payment gateway was released in October 2021. 

This new currency is designed to be easy to buy and sell with any other electronic currency, or even USD. There are about 21 billion coins in total for the entire market, of which users own 65%. This means that more people have access to this currency than most other e-currencies, resulting in a growing price.

“Our WEOWNS project offers debt-free working systems,” said Ssemakula Peter Luyima, Project Manager of WEOWNS, “People can use the services to create a real-time credit score and payment plan anywhere with automated repayment calculators to help people decide if the debt is worth it for them or not.”

Digital currency traders can avoid paying transaction fees and enjoy their investment in a cryptocurrency without restrictions. This new encrypted system will ensure that every member has access to funds, providing economic growth and social mobility all while encouraging growth.

WeownomyChat has created an electronic currency that acknowledges the power of social media. This currency is intended to operate across social media platforms and encourage its use by individuals. It won’t only help users send remittances in an instant, but will also reward them with extra tipped funds when they use WeownomyPay.

Inequality is the most defining issue of the current time. It has caused an increasingly unsustainable society, leading to gaps in income that are largely due to the current economic system that only works for those at the top. Economic instability leads to many problems such as unemployment, food insecurity, and homelessness, all factors contributing to poverty.

(The People’s Coin), creates a unique currency governed by the collective transactions of its people. This is important because the token was customized with every issue in mind, not just those of its creators. The new currency will be used to represent what money has always been – a symbol of people’s commitment to one another.

The new currency is the latest trend in the evolution of money. It has many features that are more favorable than its predecessors, such as credibility and stability. The first thing to note about WEOWNS is that it is backed by people, rather than a bank or government, which provides more credibility and stability.

The important difference is that this currency can have a strong economic value, replacing the need for money.

The co-founder of WEOWNS, Semakula, believes that for the future of currency to succeed, it is important to think about different ways for currency to be used. “We are at an important time in history where we need to think about how money should be used,” added Semakula. “If BTC can be mined without care or thought for others, then why not do something different?” Semakula concluded by saying that WEOWNS is not just another token but rather the currency of kindness.

WEOWNS is trying to increase production and employment, reduce poverty, and help make Africa more sustainable for the people. 20% of its funds have been given to World Peace Tracts and Pan African Peoples Alliance, which will help fund future projects, trade, financial transactions, and investments that serve to weaken the continent of its problems in poverty and war.

WEOWNS are up to $92.946778! Now users can get paid with a new payment gateway WeownomyPay for SWAP trades on UNISWAP.

About WEOWNS  

WEOWNS is a digital currency for all humanity. It is designed to benefit African nations and the world as a whole. The WEOWN system includes Weownomy, an alternative social media platform that will give stakeholders full control over their content and their own space on the internet. WEOWNS is Africa’s first truly viable answer to BTC or other e-currencies like ETH.

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Address:256 Chapman Road STE 105-4
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