Edsun Offers a Wide Array of Educational Toolsets and Solutions

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Edsun Offers a Wide Array of Educational Toolsets and Solutions

Edsun offers educational solutions in the USA. They pride themselves in developing various areas, including master scheduling, Google classroom integration, TVET, FET, and many more. The company was established by Jake Van Niekerk, a professional whose passion, love, and life have always been education. That is why they are dedicated to fixing numerous complex problems in education. The company typically aims to enhance education to the great benefit of every resident in the USA. They have a customer support team that is always ready to resolve any concern one may have.

Speaking about the company’s privacy policy, the company spokesperson said, “To understand what we do with the information of one’s educational institution and staff, we encourage our clients to read through our privacy policy. Our privacy policy normally applies to our websites and software applications. We are committed to respecting the privacy of educational institutions, their staff, and learners who use our applications. Sometimes, our company collects personal information about clients and other visitors of our online platform. We collect this data to warrant network reliability in the products we offer. Thus, one can be sure of getting the best user experience.”

The Ed-fi LMS typically facilitates the e-learning process. It usually facilitates face-to-face learning and online and blended learning solutions that assist in eradicating various traditional siloes in a learning system. The system serves as a centralized database to store numerous e-learning materials, incorporate customized reports, and many more. Thus, it is highly beneficial to schools, students, and many more. Those interested in Edfi LMS toolkit can consider contacting Edsun. The company managed to integrate BigLMS with Ed-fi and Google classroom to enhance one’s experience and create things such as assignment recording, super forms, and many more.

Speaking about the company’s secure mobile app, the company spokesperson said, “Our secure mobile app usually connects directly with the Ed-fi data so designated school users such as parents, students, teachers, and many more to sign in. It allows parents and students to view assignments and homework. The app also enables teachers to help their students to the correct class or ensure that they are in the class they need to be in.”

During the previous years, one system assisted in roster information while others stored curricula. There were also systems meant for behavior data. This increasingly made it difficult to determine the relationship between multiple data sources. Thus, an individual was not able to get a comprehensive picture of learners and the educational environment. Thanks to the introduction of the Ed-fi standard, the problem was tackled. The standard covers the milestone of data interoperability. It assists in turning raw data into actionable insights and supports decision-making. For more information about the Edfi standard, clients can consider contacting Edsun.

About Edsun

Edsun offers outstanding educational tech solutions. Since its inception, the company has been fixing several complicated educational projects involving big data interoperability that is not inclusive or exclusive of any system. They seek to improve the functioning and performance of schools and student outcomes. The company regularly conducts some philanthropy work and gives back to the community.

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