OPP Tries New Innovations in NFT

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OPP Tries New Innovations in NFT

OPP, which aims to become a next-generation digital content platform, is attempting new innovations using NFT. 

NFT has received explosive attention from last year to this year, but some point out that it is still only NFT for NFT. 

In addition, WEB 3.0 is also in the spotlight with NFT, but opinions are divided on its effectiveness. However, macroscopically, all industries in the world are making digital transformation, and the digital content industry is expected to continue to expand. 

Digital content certainly has a variety of added value and will become the mainstream industry of the 21st century. Most digital content is mediated by the public through digital content platforms. Digital content creators create their own digital content and distribute it to consumers through digital content platforms.

As digital content is in the spotlight, digital content creators who create it are becoming more important day by day, but the rights and interests of digital content creators are not properly protected.

OPP utilizes NFT to protect individual content creators’ ownership and rights and support digital content creators. NFTs are often issued for NFT art today, but OPP allows NFTs to be used to compensate for and improve the shortcomings of digital content.

OPP is currently set to launch a platform demo and aims to launch it in the second half of this year. OPP tokens, which will be used in the OPP platform, are listed on the ProBit Global Exchange and the MEXC Exchange and are actively traded, and will continue to expand platform users and platform influence.

Website – http://opp-pj.io

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Telegram – https://t.me/opp_official_global

Medium – https://medium.com/@oppmid2021

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