Pegasus An Organization Enabling Financial Revolution In The Advertising Business, Making Everyone More Financially Connected, Empowered, And Enabled.

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Pegasus An Organization Enabling Financial Revolution In The Advertising Business, Making Everyone More Financially Connected, Empowered, And Enabled.

A Breakthrough Ecosystem That Attract More Business Into Digital Marketing

May 25, 2022 – Unveiling “Pegasus” is a multinational online advertising firm that can assist fresh brands in need of visibility. Pegasus can assist brands, in planning an online campaign to improve product sales. If the company has to expand into worldwide markets, PEGASUS can help them consolidate its foreign resources if a brand operates on a global scale yet has a small consumer base or a brand is not well-positioned at this stage of growth.

We aspire to reshape the Marketing industry. PEGASUS will establish a breakthrough ecosystem to attract more business into digital marketing, allowing them to generate a passive income by recommending the PEGASUS advertising firm long term while providing rewards to those who watch the ads and complete the tasks.

PEGASUS presents an opportunity to increase transparency in the advertising ecosystem by introducing a transparent ecosystem among advertisers and intermediaries.

We want to focus a lot on marketing because this is the most important thing to keep aproject alive. We say this because we have years of experience in the Advertising field havebenefited over millions of dollars. For this, we will be putting a large part of our budgetinto marketing which will take the project to another level.

PEGASUS is committed to the Advertising and investment platform in the long run. The community is promoting the long-term development of the ecosystem, which will result in real-world applications, more incentives, and increased popularity in the long run.

As PEGASUS members come from different countries with different cryptocurrency cultures, PREGASUS has chosen Binance as the designated exchange.

PEGASUS has an individual referral programme in which a person can earn money by inviting a friend to join PEGASUS. PEGASUS also offers another rewarding programme in which individuals may expand their team, and the more the team earns, the larger the incentive they receive. Participants in a team-based rewarding programme might get a bonus of 5% of their team member’s daily commission, known as the Captain’s Bonus.

PEGASUS is now a global internet advertising agency. PEGASUS is headquartered in the United States and has offices in South America and Asia. Now ready to enter the markets of Europe and Oceania, Portugal will be the first stop. We are completing a communications network offering a full range of services. We work with the 6 of the top 10 advertisers in the world more than half of the top 50 advertisers worldwide. We are committed to making people fall in love with these brands.

Many well-known brands have an annual advertising budget of over $1 billion, such as Apple, which grew to $1 billion in 2011, and Google, which increased its advertising spend by 60% in 2011, thus showing that the advertising and marketing industry is a necessity for business development at all times.

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