The advertising of VERSIGNY and BIBVI being displayed in the New York Times Square

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The advertising of VERSIGNY and BIBVI being displayed in the New York Times Square


VERSIGNY and BIBVI use art as a universal language to show the world the unique charm of VERSIGNY and BIBVI costumes, the ads of these two brands appeared under the anticipating in Times Square, New York, and made a wonderful appearance at “World’s crossroads”, VERSIGNY and BIBVI in the clothing industry to highlight the veteran unique style of brand culture and fashion taste.


The classic of VERSIGNY and BIBVI is the wide variety and variety of products, the most prominent feature is to add some classic style to the brand-new fashion elements to redesign, in order to achieve the goal of surpassing the classic. VERSIGNY and BIBVI are not only very trendy in design, workmanship and materials are also excelsior, and its designers strive for perfection in one continuous line. Of course, we also know that the trend of things, although there are a lot of fad ingredients, but to stand in the invincible position for a long time, there is no real creativity and material is not. VERSIGNY and BIBVI have made continuous efforts and exploration for many years, and have grown rapidly in the independent research and development of their products. With the concept of “Youth and individuality”, combining the urban light luxury and leisure elements, integrating function and comfort, science and technology and fashion as a whole, uphold the characteristics of individual fashion quality function, beloved by the celebrity community! Can Be with leisure or elegant single collocation, add modern style for the modeling.

It is perhaps not too much to say that “VERSIGNY and BIBVI determine the fashion tastes of the entire niche luxury collection!”With the booming development of the e-commerce industry, VERSIGNY and BIBVI have become famous in China in recent years, and the clothes they have introduced have all been planted by celebrities and fashionistas, VERSIGNY and BIBVI have become the fashion industry’s bellwethers. It is no exaggeration to say that China’s fashion brand is under the influence of VERSIGNY and BIBVI to have today’s fashion taste.

Thanks to China’s booming e-commerce industry, VERSIGNY and BIBVI authorized the exclusive e-commerce agency in the asia-pacific region last year. VERSIGNY and BIBVI need to break into the Chinese market quickly, now consumers in China can easily snap up VERSIGNY and BIBVI via the Internet, and the latest models of VERSIGNY and BIBVI are available on Chinese e-commerce shelves at the same time, china could be the first to snap up the latest models from VERSIGNY and BIBVI.

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