TBD Creative House Developing Documentary on Ancient Egypt funded by Original Crypto Asset, Creative Circulation (CRCL)

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TBD Creative House Developing Documentary on Ancient Egypt funded by Original Crypto Asset, Creative Circulation (CRCL)

Toronto-based independent studio, TBD Creative House, has begun collaboration with a world-renowned professional skeptic and two popular alternative history podcasts to take a bold look into the mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

The documentary, currently in the development stage, was conceived through early talks with Skeptic Magazine founder, Michael Shermer, based on his philosophy of Giving the Devil His Due when approaching fringe topics.

On the alternative history side of this debate, the TBD team will be travelling to Egypt with the crew from the UnchartedX podcast, a program dedicated to exploring ancient mysteries and contradictions—and what they mean for us today.

Producer, Kevin Luke, notes that the initial inspiration for this project was the heated 2017 debate between Shermer and two rogue researchers of remote history, Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson, which took place on the Joe Rogan Experience. Ancient civilizations and catastrophes being fan-favorite topics on Rogan’s massive platform.

TBD Creative House is confident in the documentary’s potential to gain traction as the first ever feature film to be developed using cryptocurrency—the Creative Circulation (CRCL) token, built on the TRON network by TBD’s development team. They hope this film serves as a proof-of-concept for this innovative way get independent creative projects made.

Producer and CEO of TBD Creative House, Kevin Luke, pointed out that, “Indie film projects are notoriously difficult to get funded. It takes about as much time and effort to raise money as it does to make the film, if not more. Producers end up sacrificing their vision instead of focusing their energy on making the best possible project. Recently crowdfunding has helped boost the viability of independent projects, but we felt it was time to leverage the power of a continually appreciating asset specifically made for the creative industries”.

With an apt slogan of “Pumping new lifeblood into the gig economy of the Creative Class“, the CRCL token is meant to be used as an alternative compensation asset for creative projects.

Unlike crypto projects that ask their communities to buy and hold, owners of CRCL are encouraged to use their tokens to kickstart ambitious projects that face the difficulties of securing pre-revenue cash flow. This can be done by producers compensating their collaborators with a token of appreciation. The value of the token lies in its continued use as a tool in the production of real-world projects valued by the marketplace. 

About TBD

TBD Creative House is a is a creative renaissance group founded by Toronto Metropolitan University graduate, Kevin Luke, specializing in film production, hybrid publishing, and marketing strategy. TBD revolves around the principle of working out ideas as they come. In the dynamic world of the rapidly evolving creative industries, they emphasize on getting started on your vision as soon as possible, knowing that the precise nature of a fully developed project may yet to be determined.

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