Safe Humor is back to the Big Screen

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Safe Humor is back to the Big Screen

Now In Theaters Everywhere: Family Camp!

Welcome to Camp Katokwah, where the Sanders and the Ackermans, two polar-opposite families, take church camp to a new level of mishaps. Family Camp is a laugh-out-loud comedy that is sure to touch the hearts and tickle the funny bones of every family member from eight to eighty. 

We interviewed Elias Kemuel (11) that plays Ed Jr. Sanders in this faith-based comedy that is produced by Provident Films & Reserve Entertainment, distributed in the US by Roadside Attractions.

Interview with Child Actor Elias Kemuel from recently released film Family Camp.

By Jenni Rosario. 

Florida National News Network.


Enrolling in theatre classes at a very young age, Elias (11) soon found himself in several theatrical productions, today we find him in the long-awaited film Family Camp, a Skit Guys movie that was just released with a very favorable opening weekend, critics are praising this movie alongside families across the nation. The faith-based film obtained a whooping 89% score so far in Rotten Tomatoes with over 500 verified ratings from the audience.

Welcome, Elias! 

Thank you for having me. 

We are excited to hear about your role in Family Camp. So, how does it feel to be on movie theaters everywhere and in this beautiful movie poster?

Well, I mean, it’s amazing. It’s been my dream ever since I started acting.

I can only imagine, so, you’re 11 now, when did you start acting? 

Well, actually I started when I was five, my very first acting role was in a big theater play based on the Titanic, with over 120 cast members and it was so much fun, I was hooked, that was an exciting speaking role, I remember there were thousands of people watching. Then after that I was chosen for the lead role in another theater play where I memorized a lot of lines.

At five years old?

Yep, and I liked it a lot, that’s where someone from the audience suggested to my parents that I should get acting classes and an agent. 

Wow! That’s awesome! and that’s what you and your parents did?

…yes, that’s how it all started. I’m still taking classes and private lessons, not doing so much theater anymore but still some commercials, for example, I will be filming a national commercial for Legoland next week, I can’t wait!

That sounds fun!  so, you have an agent now.

I do, I have an agent in LA and another agent here in Florida, they’re both awesome.

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You’re a fascinating 11-year-old, you’ve done quite a bit since you were five years old, I guess you have a really good memory, tell me about school and do you like reading?

Thank you, yes, I like reading a lot. I think that reading helps with memory, and I’m homeschooled, so school to me is pretty fun, and I am able to travel lots for films and commercial projects.

So, let’s go back to this 2022 movie, Family Camp, what’s it about? and can you talk about your role? 

Well, Family Camp is an extremely funny faith-based movie, full of adventures, and it tells the story about two polar opposite families and, they get stuck in the same cabin at a church camp, and well, everything that can go wrong goes wrong, but there are great principles and values to learn as well, there is something in the movie for every family member….you have to see it, I guarantee you’ll love it, it is hilarious and very well made, and we even had a beaver acting, hah!

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Wow. I like the way that sounds, it seems funny and meaningful at the same time. So how long did it take to film your part in the movie?

Well, for my role to film, it was about a month.

One month?


Like a whole month straight?

For my role yes but in pre and post-production the team has been working on it for years, and I think that it’s worth it, totally worth it. 

So, tell us where it was filmed, I understand you live in central Florida, but it wasn’t filmed in central Florida, right?

Oh no, Family Camp was filmed near Oklahoma City in an actual real camp, a huge, awesome, functioning camp. 

So, I’m also an actress and I know that working on film sets can sometimes be challenging and especially for a kid. Do you think that’s true? 

Well, I know that movie sets can be a little bit stressful, but not in Family Camp, it’s a completely different story, the Skit Guys and the production team did their best to make it as much as a fun family experience as it could be and almost everybody, cast and crew, was Christian, which helps a lot.

So, that probably took some of the stress out of the whole process, and it being on a real camp, that sounds like a lot of fun! 

Yes! also, another great thing is that there were a lot of kids on set, and the producers, they brought their children and families with them, I had a lot of fun with them between takes.

No stress here on Family Camp, eh?

Yup, I mean, it was a very positive atmosphere, lots of work but an awesome experience overall.  

What about your fellow actors in the movie poster, would you tell me about them?

Sure, Keslee plays my twin sister Barb Sanders in the movie, Jacob and Cece are the children from the other family, The Ackermans, Leigh-Allyn Baker is Grace Ackerman, the mom, Gigi Orsillo plays Victoria Sanders, my mom in the movie, and she is awesome! and in the center of the poster are Tommy and Eddie, the Skit Guys. they’re real funny, even when they’re not acting!

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Elias, you seem like an amazing role model, and you’ve done so much in your career. I know there are lots of kids out there who are also aspiring to be actors. What would you say to them?

Well, I might say, to be persistent, because in this industry one needs to try and keep trying, never give up and always be kind and positive.

That is very good advice. Thank you for that. I’m so proud of you and I know your parents have to be really proud of you as well. You’ve done amazing. Congratulations on all your success. We can’t wait to see the film. And would you like to invite our friends out there that are watching us to purchase tickets to see your film? 

Totally. It’s going to be amazing. You guys are going to enjoy it so, so, so much, it’s on over a thousand theaters nationwide.

Are there any other films or projects you’re part of that you can mention?

Oh yes, I have a very awesome role in a movie we filmed in Indiana in 2021 called Pursuit of Freedom, it is based on an incredible true story about a Ukrainian family that’s broken apart. Pursuit of Freedom is also a Faith-based movie that will bring hope to a lot of people that are suffering from human trafficking, and we should have it in theaters very soon, maybe this same year.

That sounds like a very interesting movie to watch and promote as well, and a different genre too, right? And was it a challenging role?

Oh yeah, totally different genre than Family Camp, and yes, a very challenging role. My role is the youngest child in the family, Hovan, and the one that never loses hope, but you’ll have to watch it to find out more.

Yes, we will! it seems you are focused on doing mainly family and positive projects, am I right?

Oh absolutely, my family and I are a team of creatives determine to join and bring projects with good and positive values back to the screens.

That is awesome, is there a way to keep up with your day to day?

Sure, my Instagram is @eliaskemuel and the same in Facebook and IMDB.

Elias, thank you so much for joining us today, you’re such an inspiration, we can’t wait to watch Family Camp, Pursuit of Freedom, and all the movies you are part of.

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