Jivasu Launches Revolutionary Body Intelligence Program for Children

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Jivasu Launches Revolutionary Body Intelligence Program for Children

Jivasu, MD, paediatrician, and founder of the Somatofulness approach, has launched his new online programs to the public, an innovative body-based approach for children as well as adults. As discussed during the announcement, which has since sparked interest among parents, this program uses a scientific approach blended with Ayurvedic traditions to foster a lifelong, healthy connection with the body, Jivasu describes his Somatofulness approach as leading to the full awakening of the body, leading to the experience of being fully alive and peak functioning of the body. The evidence-informed somatic approach can also help to resolve trauma and heal the mind and body.

According to a spokesperson for the Somatofulness Movement, the body-based program significantly impacts a child’s development, considering its focus on understanding a child’s unique personality and practical strategies for creating a space that allows them to express their full creative potential in the world.

Simply put, the technique can help to train the brain and body to better respond to emotions, memories, and sensations, which improves children’s overall well-being. Children who are in-tune with their bodies are more emotionally secure, grounded and resilient to trauma.

In our contemporary culture, we put a disproportionate amount of emphasis on the mind. Through mobile phones, the internet, computers, virtual games, and the ever powerful and pervasive social media- activities of the mind dominate all aspects of life. As a result, children can become easily disconnected from their bodies. This awareness of what’s going on inside of our bodies is called interoception.

This disconnection can lead to many health problems. In fact, we are seeing a rapid rise in emotional and mental health problems as a result of this disconnection. Neurobiological research on interoception has demonstrated this (see article)

Jivasu understands the profound effect of this disconnection  on the human body and as such is committed to helping both children and adults regain physical vitality and mental health. There’s no cookie-cutter approach as each child is unique. That’s why Somatofulness (the essence of life in its entirety) focuses on awakening the body, which is the source of life energy, to optimize performance. Children who undergo this program can lead happier, healthier lives.

As publicly announced, four virtual workshops for children are scheduled between June 26 and August 21. They are:

  • Body-Wise Baby
  • Body-Wise Child
  • Whole-Body Child
  • Body-Wise Child Bundle

Each Somatofulness workshop will be presented via Zoom and is expected to last two hours. Among the goals highlighted by the spokesperson, a few points include:

  • Fostering emotional security
  • Understanding your child’s unique personality
  • Improved social functioning
  • Stress resilience
  • Connection with nature and the environment

Jivasu works with a team of professionals, who work collaboratively to create an environment conducive to self-development and growth.   Among them are musicians, yoga instructors, physicians, teachers, healers, professors, and practitioners. Their combined skill sets and experiences help to understand and reconnect with our body’s wisdom and our essential life energy to experience vitality and healing.

In conclusion, the spokesperson stressed: “The foundation for a happy life is built in the body. In this fast-changing and turbulent world, many parents are deeply concerned about their children. Jivasu’s knowledge and experience can help parents, grandparents, and caretakers raise happy and uniquely creative children, perhaps even becoming change-makers of the future, creating a better world for all. We are excited to facilitate this transformative process for your child, thanks to Somatofulness.”

About Jivasu and Somatofulness

Jivasu is a physician and the founder of Somatofulness Approach, an organization dedicated to promoting wellness and wholeness through the practice of body intelligence, which facilitates the natural healing of the body and mind. Jivasu’s body-centred programs focus on awakening the body’s intelligence for vitality and fulfilment. Having helped adults worldwide reconnect with their bodies and experience personal growth, Jivasu  is committed to providing Somatofulness for children through organized virtual workshops.

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